Reason why The Big Show left WWE for AEW

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Reason why The Big Show left WWE for AEW

Recently, a new wrestling-market news has shaken the entire world of the discipline, with AEW confirming the approval on its TV screens of the now ex-WWE wrestler, The Big Show, stage name of the wrestler Paul Wight who had been fighting for over 20 years in the rings of the McMahon company.

After a sensational landing in the rings of the then WWF, after a short stint in the WCW rings, Big Show had built his fame on his enormous size, which had in fact allowed him to win a myriad of titles and awards in the rings over the years by McMahon, including an Andrè The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania, dedicated to the historic WWF giant, Andre The Giant.

What did The Big Show say about joining AEW?

Apparently, the last contract that tied Big Show to the McMahon company, was already a Legend contract, with the fighter over two meters tall who in fact appeared very little on the WWE scenes, or on Monday Night Raw or on very few other occasions.

with the McMahons. According to what has been revealed in the last hours by some sources close to the WWE, between the Stamford-based federation and the historic giant of its rings, until now there would always have been a beautiful relationship, except in the last period, in which Big Show was treated very badly from the company's booking team, which relegated him to some truly embarrassing angles for his character's story.

As reported in the last hours from the pages of the PW Insider, in fact: "WWE and Wight have not been able to reach an agreement on the financial terms of a new contract and his last contact with the company dates back to last month, a few days after making an appearance on Raw Legends, where he was bullied by Randy Orton on January 4th.

A source assures that Wight was very bitter about that appearance and that his unhappiness towards it was tangible around the whole situation and was also evident in the WWE backstage." Apparently, the use made by the WWE of the character of The Big Show, would not have gone at all to the genius of the former world champion, who resented the treatment reserved for him after years of honorable service, so he saw fit to land in the number one rival company at the time of WWE, with the AEW guys already rubbing their hands over a possible confrontation between Wight and Shaquille O'Neal, in the Khans rings.