Backstage reaction to The Big Show joining AEW revealed

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Backstage reaction to The Big Show joining AEW revealed

In the last couple of days, on our news board we reported the sensational news of The Big Show landing on the AEW TV screens, with a new agreement reached with the Khan federation, which thus brings another great name in the pro-wrestling world from opposite part of the McMahon-owned company.

Initially, Paul Wight, this is the real name of Big Show, was announced as the only commentator of the Khan-owned wrestling company, with the same president, Tony, who, however, wanted to clarify with a statement that for The Big Show, there will also be space in the ring.

After a few hours from the shock announcement of the athlete's landing on the television screens of the rival WWE company, the motivation for this sensational change of company after over 20 years of hard work in the McMahon-owned rings, with an absolutely Big Show embittered by his latest use on WWE TV screens, which in fact decided not to renew his Legend agreement with Vince McMahon.

What's next for The Big Show after the AEW signing?

Apparently, the news that shocked pro-wrestling fans around the world would have left most of the WWE insiders and wrestlers speechless, with almost none of them. who in fact knew that Big Show would sign with AEW, until the agreement had already been reached.

In the last hours, the well-known site Fightful has in fact reported: "Most of the WWE talents we spoke to didn't have a clue that Big Show wanted to leave and apparently there wouldn't be the usual" goodbye "chorus that usually precedes such a thing.

However, some senior executives in the Stamford-baed company have ensured that there is now no plan or arrangement to keep Show tied to the company from this month on." Once his last deal with the McMahon, in fact, The Big Show insisted on not renewing his expiring contract, already knowing that he would later land on the TV screens of All Elite Wrestling, to embark on a new chapter of his career at the threshold of 50 years.

The Big Show last appeared for WWE on the RAW Legends Night special episode where he was involved in a backstage segment with 14-time world champion Randy Orton. Interestingly, The Big Show's last WWE match came at WrestleMania 36 last year, after the main event in which Drew McIntyre won the WWE Championship by defeating Brock Lesnar.

The Big Show challenged McIntyre immediately after the main event in a dark match, which was aired on Monday Night RAW the following night.