WWE legend names Cesaro among 3 of most underutilized superstars

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WWE legend names Cesaro among 3 of most underutilized superstars

When we talk about a wrestler that is little used or in some ways 'underestimated' within the WWE, we cannot fail to refer to the Swiss superstar of the company of Vince McMahon, Cesaro. In WWE there are many wrestlers who are 'pushed' and used in a particular way, but in each generation, there are a couple of wrestlers that the WWE Universe considered having a higher status.

In fact, there are many who believe that given Cesaro's talent, WWE should certainly have given him greater chances. It is not a new concept but it is something that we have seen developed several times over the years. Former WWE Spanish commentator and Latin wrestling superstar Hugo Savinovich discussed it with Dr.

Chris Featherstone on UnSKripted Sportkeeda.

What's next for Cesaro?

During the show Hugo Savinovich talked about the most underused superstars in the company: "There are really 300 wrestlers and more that I could name, but if I have to choose I say, Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro and Shelton Benjamin.

I'm glad the latter has been used more recently and I could say partly the same for Jeff Hardy as well. On Jeff instead of talking about that horrendous chapter of alcohol and drugs he could be supported, even maybe, towards the race for a title."

During the show, Savinovich mentioned several superstars, including Sheamus and Kofi Kingston, but it was these Superstars, according to him, that WWE used the least. Many praise Cesaro's work in the company and recently Corey Graves spoke about his situation: "It is my absolute personal opinion that with the right situation around him, Cesaro could reach really high and new levels in his career and could even be seen as the fans saw Bruno Sammartino at one point.

I am sure that now on the Internet there will be several comments on this comparison of mine, but I do not want to compare Cesaro to the Bruno Sammartino Hall of Famer, but to the boy who entered American pop culture. In WWE, we've come to realize that almost any Superstar can gain momentum at any point if the story is right.

Kofi Kingston wasn't down on momentum, but over a decade into his career, he finally achieved the goal of becoming the WWE Champion. Jeff Hardy is already a multi-time World Champion in WWE, but fans would have liked to see him get one last run to the top.

Ultimately, his personal troubles were used in the storyline with Sheamus, and despite him coming out victorious in the rivalry, it left a bitter taste in the mouth of some WWE fans.