Details on more WWE Superstars' futures after Big Show exit

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Details on more WWE Superstars' futures after Big Show exit

Yesterday a sensational event totally upset the dynamics of world wrestling and all the fans, the WWE Universe in the first place, are still upset. Through a press release published on its official website, it was announced that Paul Wight, known in WWE as the Big Show, has signed a multi-year contract with Tony Khan's company.

At the moment, however, it should be remembered that the legend of the company of Vince McMahon will not join as an active fighter but will instead join the comment table of AEW Dark: Elevation, an expansion of the show broadcast on YouTube.

There is a lot of curiosity about how WWE superstars learned this news and the latest rumors are far from positive for the McMahon family.

Big Show is the latest WWE Superstar to join AEW

According to what Wrestle Votes colleagues have learned, all WWE superstars are now willing to talk to other wrestling companies and no one feels particularly attached to the company.

This situation occurs especially when WWE superstars are out of contract and everyone is listening to the different offers that arrive. This news should seriously worry fans as much as WWE leaders. Paul Wight (aka Big Show) appeared for the last time in WWE in a segment with Randy Orton in the Legends Night of Raw episode on January 4, 2021.

His last official match came against The Viper, a defeat at Monday Night Raw against Orton on July 20, 2020. All Elite Wrestling CEO Tony Khan has also confirmed that Paul Wight will also be in the federation as guest and ambassador.

Latest rumors reveal that the reason for this choice of Big Show would have arisen from the disagreements with the Stamford federation in the last period where Paul Wight was treated very badly by the booking team of the company, which relegated him to some angles really characters for a character of such history and caliber.

The announcement of Paul Wight aka The Big Show signing with WWE came out of nowhere. Wrestling fans have shared their shocked reactions on Twitter with many joking about The Big Show turning on WWE. Some also want to see the reunion of JeriShow - the tag team of Big Show and former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho.

Also, fans are speculating the WWE legend to go up against Shaquille O'Neal in AEW. The Big Show last appeared for WWE on the RAW Legends Night special episode where he was involved in a backstage segment with 14-time world champion Randy Orton.

Interestingly, The Big Show's last WWE match came at WrestleMania 36 last year, after the main event in which Drew McIntyre won the WWE Championship by defeating Brock Lesnar.