Details on Vince McMahon firing former Champion for being...

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Details on Vince McMahon firing former Champion for being...

Over the years, Vince McMahon has accustomed his co-workers, employees and WWE Universe fans to quite controversial choices, with releases, booking choices and on-screen and off-screen changes of direction, which have in fact, much discussed, both online and in the backstage of the company.

One of these layoffs, which came almost out of nowhere, was the one that saw Stacey Carter, nicknamed "The Kat" in the WWF rings, being fired by order of Vince McMahon, due to a difficulty in working with her, which many of the writers of the company they had encountered in the months they came into contact with her.

The reason why Vince McMahon fired Stacy Carter

For the uninitiated, at the time of the facts, The Kat was in fact married to the wrestler and WWE historical commentator, Jerry Lawler, with their relationship that was put to the test with the dismissal of the girl, until the separation arrived shortly.

after. In the last episode of his podcast, the Grilling JR, the WWE Hall of Famer wanted to reveal some background on the dismissal of the beautiful athlete, which most fans did not know since at the time it was JR who was the director of relations with WWE talents: "She was a person with a heart of gold, I thought, but apparently, from what all the writers said, working with her was impossible.

So one day Vince McMahon came to work, on a day when he was obviously not in a good mood. He called me into his office and said 'I want you to leave.' And I 'What?', And he upped the ante, 'He has to go away today.'

And, you know, it was precisely in those situations that my job became very difficult. Well, there was no reason why I should have fired her, no matter what the writers said. I objected in every way, but Vince's decision had now been made.

The difference between Stacy and the other women was that she knew the product very well. She had lived in the business since she was little and being Lawler's girlfriend and then her wife had opened up many avenues for her.

So, having a deep foundation in wrestling, knowing the psychology of the product and everything it takes to make something work, she has also thrown a lot of heat on herself. When asked to do something, in fact, that she didn't like, she simply replied no.

And for many this attitude was stupid. In every event, the writers lost patience with her, because they had to spend hours convincing her to do something she didn't like or didn't convince."