Latest news on WWE plans for Bianca Belair

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Latest news on WWE plans for Bianca Belair

If Edge has made known his decision to face Roman Reigns for the title of Universal Champion in that of WrestleMania, the ideas are still unclear regarding the winner of the women's Royal Rumble. Bianca Belair has not yet dissolved her reservations regarding her decision, but the wait could end soon.

As anticipated by WWE in a news then relaunched on the federation's Twitter channel, in fact, his decision will be announced during this episode, given that "according to, Bianca Belair will make her decision on WrestleMania tonight."

And the interest certainly is not lacking, given that Bianca Belair herself recently teamed up with Sasha Banks, namely the current SmackDown women's champion.

The latest news on WWE plans for Bianca Belair

It was Bianca Belair herself who revealed her doubts in early February when she explained in the course of 'WWE The Bump' why she had not yet decided on her future rival: "Honestly, it's a really big decision.

Sasha Banks is the champion. and I see her every Friday. I see Asuka on Monday Night Raw. But at this point, I'm in a whirlwind of emotions. It really struck me that I won the Royal Rumble, and it strikes me, even more, to know that I'm going to Wrestlemania," she had indeed revealed.

Instead, these are the words with which he had motivated his lack of choice: "At this point, I'm simply trying to live in the moment. I need to review my emotions. I don't want to make a choice dictated by emotion.

This decision is truly important and I need to do it with my feet on the ground, I have to think a lot about it. I need to put my emotions aside, so I can do things as they should be done, then I can make a decision."

A decision that could be made public this Friday night in SmackDown. And that could lead her to challenge "friend-enemy" Sasha Banks. Following a segment together on Bayley's SmackDown chat show, "Ding Dong, Hello!" Bianca Belair and Banks teamed up to fight for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships against current titleholders Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax at Elimination Chamber.

The duo has paired up on a few occasions in the tag team competition, including when they scored a victory over Bayley and Natalya at the most recent edition of WWE's Tribute to the Troops in late 2020. Could the pair end up becoming rivals on tonight's SmackDown? Sound off in the comment section below.