Riddle on Differences Between Main Roster and NXT

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Riddle on Differences Between Main Roster and NXT

Matt Riddle is the current WWE United States Champion and he recently spoke about the differences between NXT and the main roster. Riddle spent a fairly long time at NXT before he was called to the main roster. During his time at NXT, he called out famous WWE legends such as Bill Golberg and Brock Lesnar.

Even though Matt Riddle has not stepped into the ring with them yet, he is still considered to be one of WWE’s top technical wrestlers.

Matt Riddle on Differences Between NXT and the Main Roster

Riddle has a background in MMA, and he can take more of a beating than most other superstars.

As he has spent a lot of time at NXT, and in various other promotions, Riddle recently spoke about the differences between the main roster, NXT and the various other promotions that he has worked at on ViBe & Wrestling.

“From the beginning, you start training, you go to the indies and work your way up and eventually you make it to NXT,” Riddle said. “NXT is probably one of the most professional places I’ve ever worked and there was so much when I was there.

They got the TV deal with USA Network. Huge. I didn’t realize how the main roster was until I got there on SmackDown, and it is a complete different monster. Completely different machines with a lot of parts and pieces. Then you go to RAW, and you got 3 hours and it is even a bigger monster which is craziness.

When you are dealing with live TV thing are going crazy, even if you plan things not to go crazy, they get crazy sometimes”. The big difference for me when I was on NXT was that the things were a bit more planned out,” Matt Riddle said.

“While on the main roster everything should be planned, or there is an idea, but most of the time you just shoot from the hip. That is why the people need to be prepared and be professional on the main roster because anything can happen and you have to be ready.

You have to be ready for anything at any time, and Vince McMahon is right there at gorilla looking at you so it’s not like, ‘Oh man, I hope nobody saw that,’ because Vince McMahon is watching closely bro, so do your job good”.