Daniel Bryan called Roman Reigns a coward on WWE SmackDown

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Daniel Bryan called Roman Reigns a coward on WWE SmackDown

After what happened in the last episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Daniel Bryan and Paul Heyman had a face to face in Talking Smack, the weekly in-depth program of the WWE Friday night show, where Mad Genius has been doing it for several weeks now.

as co-presenter of the broadcast. After being beaten by the reigning Universal Champion, Roman Reigns and by his younger cousin Jey Uso, Daniel Bryan had seen the chance to go and try to conquer the absolute title of the blue show, in a new match titled at Fastlane, with the main event of Smackdown which in fact needed Bryan to qualify for the match titled for the next PPV.

Daniel Bryan called Roman Reigns a coward on WWE SmackDown

During the chat in front of the cameras of Talking Smack, Bryan and Heyman talked about the current situation of the Universal title, with the former American Dragon who challenged Heyman to see how he will return to the "glories of the past" and even nominating CM Punk, in a particular context of his career, when it was still called the "best in the world" At this point, the Mad Genius, the personal advisor of the Universal champion, the Tribal Chief of the Anoa'i family, Roman Reigns, thought to leave everyone speechless when Heyman offered Bryan the chance to go and challenge one more time Jey Uso in a Steel Cage match, in the next episode of Friday Night SmackDown on March 5th.

If Bryan wins the contest, then the fighter will get a new match valid for the overall title of Smackdown, in the next WWE PPV before Wrestlemania: Fastlane. If Jey Uso wins the match, Daniel Bryan will have to crown Reigns as Smackdown's Tribal Chief and Head of the Table.

The situation around Smackdown's Universal Championship thus becomes increasingly articulated, after Edge went to attack Roman Reigns in the last PPV broadcast by WWE, Elimination Chamber, thus sanctioning his challenge for Wrestlemania and with the same Hall of Famer of the company that went to investigate the situation in Smackdown, directly from WWE official Adam Pearce and his personal assistant Sonya Deville.

On Friday, Bryan challenged Reigns to a match at WWE Fastlane, but he was interrupted by Jey Uso. The two men then clashed in a match with the added stipulation that if Bryan won, he would have earned the chance to face Reigns. But the bout ended in a double count-out, and the Universal Champion then attacked his challenger to finish the show.