Mark Henry confirms return to the ring for one more match

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Mark Henry confirms return to the ring for one more match

One of the WWE legends who has appeared several times during the last episodes of Monday Night Raw dedicated to the historic WWE wrestlers, is McMahon's Hall of Famer, Mark Henry. Apparently, the fighter would be retired to all intents and purposes, but according to him, he is also said to be inclined to interrupt this retirement for some important match, given that on a physical level, Mark is still very well and that his situation in the legs finally seems to return.

to normal. In the episode of Raw Legends, in fact, we saw Henry walking with the aid of a walker, after yet another surgical operation on a leg, now abundantly abused after years and years of active pro-wrestling and which therefore needed a new "revision"

Mark Henry on why he wants to wrestle again

In his last speech on the microphones of Busted Open Radio, the creator of the Hall of Pain wanted to talk about his possible return to the ring, after learning the news that his historic colleague Big Show, managed to fight at least one match in 4 different decades, with Mark Henry saying: "I'd rather get punched than fuck me.

Randy is not someone you can be around when you are not 100%. I am walking on two feet now, I weigh 140 kg. I'm lighter and fitter than ever. I have plans to have a match in the next six months. I just want to have a match. If Randy is the right guy, well he will be.

Trust me, I'll be ready and won't have one foot on a walker. I have to fight in this decade. I must do it. Big Show has struggled in four different decades and I just in three. I can't let him win this thing." After seeing Randy Orton insult all the legends he found himself in front of Raw Legends, with Big Show being very embittered by it, so much so that he thought about farewell and then arrived in AEW, However, the time may come for Mark Henry's return to the ring, who would thus go to ask for his revenge against Orton and his disrespectful behavior.

Mark Henry retired from in-ring competition to focus on his backstage duties in the WWE but the itch to wrestle never truly goes away. Mark Henry is preparing for his in-ring return, but who will he face, and when will it happen? WWE is known to get legends back for one-off matches and appearances on weekly shows and PPVs, and the company now has the option of using Mark Henry in a similar spot in 2021.