Ric Flair on a backstage rumor of his involvement in WWE creative meetings

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Ric Flair on a backstage rumor of his involvement in WWE creative meetings

One of the last important storylines of the female category of Monday Night Raw was certainly the one that involved the multi-world champion Charlotte Flair, her father Ric Flair and the new flame of the Nature Boy: Lacey Evans.

Shortly before the live announcement of Evans' pregnancy, WWE was building an important feud that probably went as far as Wrestlemania, with important plans that included (as stated by Nature Boy himself) also a physical use of Ric Flair, who in the end they were eliminated, both for the suboptimal conditions of the Hall of Famer, and for the "interesting" state of the former Marine of Raw.

Ric Flair's WWE status

In his latest interview with Busted Open Radio, the Nature Boy Ric Flair revealed: “I had a lot of ideas. My problem was that they didn't want me to go back to the ring as it would have been too difficult for me to be declared fit for the fight, due to my health problems, even though I was declared so by my personal doctors.

More than anything I don't think they are prepared in case something happens to me in the ring. I might have 40 different releases, but that wouldn't be the problem, more what the hell would they make me do? Why the hell would they let me do this? At the moment I just want to dress elegantly and work with her (Lacey ed), helping her to learn everything I have learned over the years and maybe see her emulate my character, also doing flips, suplex, walking around the ring being always the protagonist.

I've seen all my ideas being welcomed by the creative team, but they don't put me in the ring. I had a great plan. It would have been fun. They never gave me the benefit of the doubt but I'm still happy because things worked out just the same, especially for her, who even though I know she was a bit bitter about having to stop, but she still said 'Hey, I'm having a baby.

This is what should happen. I am young. I have a beautiful daughter and now I will have a second one 'Everyone would like to be on TV, but, in this case, if she is not on TV for a while it is for a wonderful reason and no one will tell her anything."

Ric Flair has been a featured name on RAW over the past few weeks, but his controversial storyline with Lacey Evans seems to have hit an unforeseen roadblock recently. Lacey Evans announced that she was expecting her second child, and WWE officials were forced to alter all their storyline plans.

The creative shift already happened on last week's RAW as Ric Flair was seemingly written off the TV, and it may be a while since we see The Nature Boy again on WWE TV.