Goldberg confirms how many matches he's contracted to wrestle

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Goldberg confirms how many matches he's contracted to wrestle

He was one of the protagonists of the Royal Rumble and although he did not participate in the royal brawl we saw Goldberg engaged in a great match, albeit lost, against the now ex WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Vince McMahon's company plans for Bill Goldberg are now unknown and we do not know if the wrestler will be part of the main card of Wrestlemania 37.

WWE and Da Man are known to have a limited deal and in a recent interview, the wrestling legend unveiled the deal that binds him to the world's most famous and important wrestling federation until the end of 2023.

Goldberg hasn’t been announced as a part of WrestleMania yet

To the microphones of The Pop Culture Show Goldberg revealed that he can now participate in only two matches a year, this is what the contract that binds him to the WWE says and in fact, his participation in Wrestlemania 37 would therefore conclude his attendance for this year in WWE.

Here are his words about it: "In 2020 I ran out of my limit quite early with the match on April 5th at Wrestlemania 37, it was really strange circumstances given the situation. Although I am 53 years old, my commitment to this company is still strong.

and I never would have imagined it since he 'mocked' Ric Flair who was fighting at the age of 40 in WWE." Obviously, it cannot be ruled out that WWE extends its agreement with Goldberg to carry out more challenges during the calendar year, but at the moment this solution seems quite impractical.

The match between Drew McIntyre and Bill Goldberg has certainly represented a significant challenge between the present and the past of WWE and The Scottish Psychopath has revealed some things about what happened at the end of the match: "If the cameras did not show it, not I will reveal what Goldberg told me after our match at the Royal Rumble, but I can say that he told me that I have earned his respect both as a wrestler and as a person.

It was a fantastic match where Goldberg showed he was a great wrestler and showed he didn't miss any physical steps." Goldberg wrestled Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble, and that means he has one more match in 2021.

WWE and Goldberg could always work out more appearances, but that seems to be the current deal. If Goldberg does wrestle at the show of shows this year then that will likely be the last time fans will see him lace up his boots until 2022.