Ric Flair reacts to The Big Show joining AEW

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Ric Flair reacts to The Big Show joining AEW

One of the biggest and most sensational surprises of the week in the world of wrestling concerns the passage of wrestler Paul Wight, historically known in WWE as The Big Show, in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), a rival federation of Vince McMahon's company.

News that took by surprise both the fans of the WWE Universe and the same insiders with many wrestlers who wanted to express their thoughts on this unexpected change. In a recent Busted Open Radio chat on Sirius, with David La Greca and Bubba Ray Dudley, WWE legend Ric Flair talked about his relationship with the former WWE giant: "I didn't know about this change.

We've been out and about together lately and we've been friends for some time, I still remember the night he showed up in Chicago, I was wrestling with Hulk Hogan and he introduced himself to all of us." Ric Flair also recalled the last time he met Big Show in WWE, on the occasion of the Monday Night Raw episode of WWE Legend's Night.

Ric Flair on Big Show leaving WWE

Here are Flair's words: "He was and still is a wonderful guy, I honestly don't know what happened with WWE. I don't ask these things, but I've been backstage and I had a feeling that there was this possibility.

I could also ask him on Raw how things were going, but I preferred not to ask and he also didn't say a word to me. Did I want him to stay in WWE? Yes, he has earned my respect and everyone respects him and at the same time, he is able to make the choice he wants.

I would like everyone to stay here with us and I have to admit I hated discovering Sting's choice to leave. We are good friends but I am aware that this is not the way life is. I wish him well and we will always be friends, no matter where he is and what he does."

Paul Wight aka Big Show will have an initial assignment as a commentator on AEW's new show, AEW Dark: Elevation, which debuts on March 15th. Paul Wight will have an active role to play in AEW, and his first assignment will be as a commentator for AEW's new show, AEW Dark: Elevation, which debuts on March 15th.

Wight will also wrestle for AEW, and it seems like the 49-year-old veteran is gearing up for an eventful 2021. What are your predictions on the former WWE Champion's AEW run? Ric Flair admitted that he didn't foresee Paul Wight going to AEW, and on a personal level, he would have hoped to have seen him remain in the WWE.

Flair would, however, add that Wight had done more than enough in the business to earn everyone's respect and that Big Show had every right to make his own decisions.