WWE locks down new trademark for Drew McIntyre

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WWE locks down new trademark for Drew McIntyre

If last Sunday, at Elimination Chamber, Drew McIntyre lost his WWE Champion title despite the success in the match that gives the event its name, the reason is how we know the collection of The Miz. But if Mister Money in the Bank is now the absolute champion of Raw, the main reason is the attack that Bobby Lashley brought to the Scottish champion.

Which, moreover, had been widely warned by MVP. And his words, spoken nine months ago on Raw, have returned to circulate in a whirlwind way on the web throughout the entire week. It all goes back to the episode of Raw on May 25, 2020.

That Monday night McIntyre was a guest of MVP in his 'VIP Lounge', with the two exchanging vitriolic words to build Bobby Lashley's imminent assault on the WWE title in Backlash 2020. Well, on that occasion MVP spoke these exact words: "When Drew McIntyre loses the WWE title, I will personally play a role in that result."

WWE locks down the new trademark for Drew McIntyre

After those words, he underlined the fact that Lashley was preparing to fight for the title of WWE Champion thirteen years after his previous chance for that belt, but Drew McIntyre's intervention led Almighty himself to appear in the ring and induced the Scotsman to lay MVP on the ground with a Claymore.

Here is the verbal and then physical exchange between the three, which has returned to great relevance after the events of this end of February 2021. The bases of which, in a sense, were established in the distant month of May 2020.

As it became clear already in the spring of 2020, the brief feud between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley did not start from anything. The two proud rivals in the ring are actually united by deep respect outside the ring, which can happily be called a true friendship.

According to what was collected by 'WrestleTalk', in fact, in May 2020 it was McIntyre and Lashley who personally insisted with the WWE to be able to face each other one on one, proposing their challenge to the WWE since the time of WrestleMania 36.

The two know each other a lot well and they had already fought against each other almost exactly four years earlier, clashing in the Impact main event on June 14, 2016, for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, for which they had already met on the previous Sunday at Slammiversary.

The same source also revealed that the organization of the meeting was one of the last acts of Paul Heyman as Executive Director of Raw: the former boss of the ECW in fact structured the meeting of Backlash 2020, although the ending took place creative the heavy hand of Vince McMahon.