The Miz sends a message to his haters with his new merchandise

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The Miz sends a message to his haters with his new merchandise

One of the most shocking news for WWE Universe fans in recent weeks has certainly been The Miz's victory of the WWE Championship, after a very tough match at the Elimination Chamber, from which the former Monday Night Raw maximum belt holder had exited however unharmed.

Thanks to the help of Bobby Lashley, now the No. 1 contender for the title alongside the champion, The Miz was able to cash in his briefcase of Money in the Bank in the main event of Elimination Chamber, with a brutal attack that All Mighty of Hurt Business had carried on on the Scotsman.

After winning his world title in the WWE rings, The Miz has once again begun to have a large chunk of the WWE Universe audience against, between those who have never put up with his character and those who do not believe him in the slightest.

to hold the most important scepter of the McMahon federation.

The Miz's WWE Championship reign in jeopardy?

In one of his latest interventions on social networks, WWE Champion The Miz wanted to sympathetically counterattack the insults that come to him every day from that fringe of fans who can't stand him, with the Parma champion, who not only often says he loves them, but now he also dedicates a special t-shirt to them.

Above the photo of his new t-shirt, depicting the WWE Champion with the words, "Hated every day and loving him!" The Miz also wanted to write the following caption: "Haters, this is for you" Once again, The Miz proves to be able to follow the great media wave that only WWE can create with its characters, with one of the heel protagonists par excellence of the McMahon rings, who has always managed to make people's hatred, its major strength.

There is nothing better for a heel in the world of pro-wrestling than to be hated by the fans, since in the various stories that are told in the rings of the discipline, there will always be one character who must be cheered and another who must instead be booed and in this, The Miz is one of the best in the world, for sure.

It has just been a week since The Miz became WWE Champion, and his reign may already be coming to an end. The A-Lister will be defending his title on the upcoming episode of Monday Night RAW, and he isn't exactly favored to win.

The reason being that he will be defending the title against The Almighty Bobby Lashley. Considering how dominant Bobby Lashley has been so far, everyone expects The Dominator to win. After all, he has taken out the likes of Braun Strowman, Jeff Hardy, and many more on his way to the top. As a result, The Miz's chances of coming out on top in this match seem minimal.