Daniel Bryan mentions CM Punk on WWE Talking Smack

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Daniel Bryan mentions CM Punk on WWE Talking Smack

Daniel Bryan is back on the crest of the wave and seems to be ready for anything to become champion once again. Next week, in SmackDown, he will face Jey Uso in a Steel Cage Match with a great chance at stake: that of facing Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at Fastlane.

The announcement was made during Talking Smack, where Bryan indulged in a really intense promo, even mentioning his former rival CM Punk. Here's what he said: "Paul, I want you to send this message to Roman Reigns.

I will no longer be in the rear. I will never put other people in front of me again. I'll go out there and get my due. I'll go back to take the kingdom I had before CM Punk, which is one of the best-damned fighters in the world."

Statements that have literally displaced Paul Heyman, a person who has shared a lot with Punk within the WWE.

WWE’s use of CM Punk’s Best in the World nickname

Obviously, the mention of CM Punk literally sent his social media fans into a tailspin, who immediately started fantasizing about his return.

The two had appeared together again during an episode of WWE Backstage last year, recalling their old feud in 2012 and wondering why the Company had never given them the main event of a PPV. They had also teased in the past on social media, but the former Chicago wrestler does not seem to be in the least interested in returning to the ring.

This isn't the first time Daniel Bryan has argued after appearing on Talking Smack. Even today everyone remembers the controversial episode of 2016, where Renee Young was the leader, when the leader of the Yes Movement was silenced by a wild The Miz, who went hard on him, venting all the frustrations of him.

We'll see what WWE's plans are for Daniel Bryan ahead of this year's edition of WrestleMania, once again split into two nights: April 10th and 11th. At the moment the former champion is still a full-time wrestler but, according to him, he won't be for a long time.

CM Punk was known as The Best in the World throughout his WWE career. A WWE DVD, released in 2012, about the former WWE Superstar, even had the title CM Punk - Best in the World. Following CM Punk’s departure in 2014, he was hardly mentioned on WWE television for several years.

In 2018, Shane McMahon won a WWE World Cup tournament at WWE Crown Jewel to become known as The Best in the World. CM Punk said on The Sauce and Shram Show in 2019 that, although he does not know for sure, he thinks McMahon’s nickname was probably a shot at him.