WWE could be planning big post WrestleMania match for Cesaro

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WWE could be planning big post WrestleMania match for Cesaro

In recent weeks, one of the Friday Night Smackdown Superstars who has shown his big face on WWE TV screens, in a positive way than usual, is the Swiss athlete, Cesaro. After years of fairly anonymous mid-carding, except for a few secondary titled reigns, couples or the United States, it seems that the time has come for Cesaro to make that famous and by now unexpected leap in quality that his fans have wanted for years, with the European fighter of the McMahon-owned company who is said to be very close to the high areas of the card, in fact, much closer than ever.

WWE also needs opponents for the Tribal Chief after WrestleMania rolls around, and Cesaro’s continued momentum might really pay off in that regard.

Cesaro is receiving a renewed push in WWE

Apparently, the latest releases against Daniel Bryan and against Seth Rollins, in the last episode of the blue show, would serve as a springboard for the Neutralizer athlete.

Until now, in fact, Cesaro had never been used in this way to overrule his character, but rather, he would have always done the reverse job and that is to lose to override some other opponent. According to the reporters of the well-known Wrestling Observer site, it would seem that now the time has come to shine for Cesaro, with WWE "keeping him warm" for a big push for the world title in post-WrestleMania.

In one of the latest updates of the well-known overseas site, it is reported that: "I think they are saving Cesaro for after WrestleMania" Since the Universal Championship area is already saturated, between the feud between Edge and Roman Reigns and the momentary interference of Daniel Bryan for Fastlane, it therefore seems that to see Cesaro go for the title, it will be necessary to wait for the results of what will come out of Wrestlemania 37 as Universal Champion.

If Edge is the winner of the Wrestlemania main event, we could therefore envisage a great match that is still missing in the careers of the two athletes, or a titled challenge between the Canadian and the Swiss of the WWE, which the fans of the two would not miss at all.

in the world. The former WWE Superstar posted a screenshot of a DM from a fan asking him if he is Cesaro. Aiden English’s answer was yes. His caption read: “…thi will be my legacy in wrestling”. Cash Wheeler was quick to reply and let Aiden English know that the DM in question will not be his legacy.

Enzo Amore also chimed in to say: “Ugh no it tiz naught”. We’ll have to see what’s next for Aiden English in the pro wrestling world. He certainly has people supporting him in the meantime.