Big E says there was 'some thought' about bringing him up with The Shield

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Big E says there was 'some thought' about bringing him up with The Shield

One of the characters who is currently receiving more space and more consideration from the Smackdown side of the Stamford company is undoubtedly the reigning Intercontinental Champion, Big E. After years spent inside New Day, alongside Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, with which Big E had managed to create successes never seen before for a stable, it would now be time to see the star of E in single shine, with WWE who decided to launch him as a lone athlete, making him immediately win a title Intercontinental, which had been missing from his trophy collection for years now.

Apparently, the management is said to have even bigger plans for Big E, which could lead to important feuds valid for the main roster world title in the near future, which for the moment, however, are entrusted to already established Superstars.

In the special dedicated to him of WWE 24, the reigning Intercontinental champion wanted to leave fans surprised, going to reveal what were his plans in view of the call on the main roster, in 2012, when it was initially confirmed that he would go to work with colleagues Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, who later became the main roster, the Shield.

Big E on The Shield

Interviewed by WWE microphones, Big E revealed: "My first feeling that I was going to be called to the main roster came in 2012. I was doing things in a loop. After a few days I always went back to doing the same things in a loop.

Eventually they told me that me, Roman, Seth and Dean would be together. There were some initial ideas that said the four of us would be called as a group. Of course, things have changed as they have received the international fame of the Shield.

I was then told 'You're going to be with Dolph and AJ, on your first night, you're going to attack John Cena' I then thought 'Dude, it's done.' " In the end, Big E still had a call with a great stable, which was not the Shield, but which nevertheless changed the history of the WWE tag team category: the New Day, of which Big E was the absolute protagonist until last year.

The current WWE IC Champion was pleased to announce a new Kickstarter for a project called “Our Heroes Rock”. This will feature Grammy-nominated rapper Rapsody, and Big E will also provide a voice for the series.

The video describes this project as a large interactive museum of black history. Each hero on the tour, guided by a robot voiced by Big E, will also include an original song created for the project. The songs will teach lessons from each American Hero’s life and share their life experiences.