Paul Heyman reveals his honest thoughts about Seth Rollins

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Paul Heyman reveals his honest thoughts about Seth Rollins

He returned to the main roster a few weeks ago, after the absence due to the birth of his son, and Seth Rollins continues to have a vital role within the WWE and in particular now of Friday Night Smackdown. After months in which he was the protagonist of a feud with Rey Mysterio first and with all his family then (which ended with the betrayal of his trusty Buddy Murphy), the Messiah is now back on the scene and in the last show of the blue roster, he took part in a segment that then saw him suffer an attack from Cesaro.

The ThunderDome audience was in awe and seemed to like this new feud against the Swiss and at the end of the episode, Rollins spoke to Talking Smack with the current Roman Reigns adviser, Paul Heyman. During Talking Smack, Paul Heyman has repeatedly praised the Messiah and the two have had a confrontation on this feud that is emerging with Cesaro.

In addition to this, when Seth Rollins left, the two shook hands and the Mad Genius declared that his back hurt at the beginning of the day but after shaking Rollins's hand it all passed to him (continuing on the Messiah storyline).

Was this a big tease for Paul Heyman's future?

Then at the end of the episode, Heyman posted some tweets praising Rollins and stating that there is something special about him. Paul has stated that this wrestler is very important and that he definitely benefits the Smackdown roster.

In his tweet, he specifies: "As Roman Reigns special advisor, I keep an open mind for all who can benefit the Smackdown roster." At the end of Talking Smack Rollins also declared that he was one of the main Heel of SmackDown, specifying what many were curious to know with the WWE Universe that he expected a return as Babyface instead.

Given this situation, it would not be surprising to see in the near future that Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns team up to dominate the blue show. There is curiosity now to see what will happen in the coming weeks. Paul Heyman made it clear that he is a big fan of Seth Rollins.

He literally said that shaking hands with Rollins made him feel better. After a short hiatus, Seth Rollins returned to WWE at the 2021 Royal Rumble and has established himself as a top heel on the blue brand. Many believed that Rollins would return as a babyface, but it seems WWE has other plans for his character.

Roman Reigns is currently the biggest heel on WWE TV, but Paul Heyman could have his eyes on Seth Rollins. If things remain the same, it won't surprise many if Rollins and Reigns ally somewhere down the line.