Kurt Angle praises 2-Time WWE Champion

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Kurt Angle praises 2-Time WWE Champion

WWE, as well as professional wrestling in general, have been able to count on several great athletes over the years who have overcome existing barriers and redefined the way of conceiving this business. Kurt Angle had the chance to work with numerous superstars during his heyday, a privilege that helped him stand out as one of the most iconic figures of the 2000s.

During the last episode of the 'Kurt Angle Show' broadcast on 'AdFreeShows', the former Olympic gold medalist reserved words of praise especially for Kane and The Undertaker. In particular, Angle recalled his match with 'The Big Red Machine' played just before the PPV No Way Out in 2001.

Kurt Angle on why The Undertaker and Kane are two of the greatest ever

“It was something really fantastic. Kane is hands down one of the best guys he's ever worked with. He had an uncommon talent and knew how to stay in the ring.

Besides, he was a very remarkable athlete considering his size ”- Kurt Angle said. It is often said that it is not easy to find the right chemistry with the giants of wrestling, but in the case of The Undertaker and Kane, this is not the case.

“It was simply an honor to be able to step into the ring with Undertaker and Kane. They weren't as slow and awkward as you might expect from people of that size, they were light. They helped me tremendously when I had to perform a lifting move.

It was never difficult to work with them, I had a great time and we always had great chemistry"- added Angle. Kurt then focused on The Rock’s incredible talent, capable of breaking through even in the world of cinema.

“Dwayne was fantastic, a great athlete. He was always one step ahead of everyone else and his phenomenal ability was to know how to sell himself. He had the gift of making everything more flashy than it should be, which is the main goal of sports entertainment.

Well, Dwayne had absolutely no rivals from this point of view." Angle also mentioned Kane's storyline brother The Undertaker and explained why The Brothers of Destruction were the best when it came to gigantic wrestlers' in-ring work.

Kurt Angle revealed that both Kane and The Undertaker were light on their feet and did everything in the ring to make their matches smoother. While The Undertaker officially ended his career at WWE Survivor Series last year, Kane would follow tradition and return in the most recent men's Royal Rumble match.

Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, is busy as Knox County's Mayor, and while he may continue to appear sporadically on WWE TV, his days as an active in-ring performer ended a long time ago.