The Miz reveals when he came to know that he would win the WWE Championship

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The Miz reveals when he came to know that he would win the WWE Championship

The Elimination Chamber WWE Pay per View has shaken the hearts of most of the WWE Universe, unsettled or at least surprised by what we witnessed at the Main Event. After over 10 years of absence, The Miz took advantage of the Money in the Bank briefcase and redeemed it by winning the WWE Champion title and returning to the top of the world.

It was a thrilling ending with former champion Drew McIntyre winning the Elimination Chamber challenge after a great battle against several opponents and ultimately defeating AJ Styles. At the end of the match, Bobby Lashley stormed The Scottish Psychopath and knocked him down, crashing him to the ground both in the ring and against the barriers outside the rectangle.

On Monday Night Raw we then found out about a pact between The Miz and Bobby Lashley and now, in the next episode of Monday Night Raw, the two will compete in a title match with Lashley who will finally have a titled opportunity.

The Miz as WWE Champion

The Miz is now embarking on his second WWE Champion adventure and spoke about it recently on Renee Paquette's podcast, Oral Sessions. Here are his words about it: "To be honest, I didn't think I'd ever win the WWE Champion title again.

I'm not one of those top superstars, I'm often approached at the top but you don't think you'll ever win. What if this thing shook me? Well, I had no idea. I saw that no one was talking to me and I only saw members of the creative team arguing.

In the afternoon before the event, they finally told me what was happening and I replied 'Ok, alright' It almost seemed that I did not believe it and to be honest until you do 1 ... 2..3, you always think that It will not happen.

It was all incredible." During the broadcast, The Miz explained that he has always seen Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre as almost untouchable champions and also for this reason he did not believe he could really win the title.

The Miz also spoke about how Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns have been on "fire," and that they have been "untouchable" as champions. The Miz is currently in his second run as WWE Champion, which comes a decade after winning it for the first time.

He cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Drew McIntyre after Bobby Lashley attacked the Scottish Psychopath. The Miz will defend his title for the first time on RAW this week when he will face Bobby Lashley.