The Rock lists all of his major WWE injuries

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The Rock lists all of his major WWE injuries

One of the legendary wrestlers that any WWE Universe fan will know, whatever their age or whatever geographic region they live in, is surely the McMahon federation's multi-world champion, The Rock. Over the course of his career, The Rock has in fact become for a period one of the number one talents of the Stamford-based company, before opening a career in the world of cinema, which at this point we could define literally stellar.

In recent years, in fact, the accounts are clear, with The Rock has been the highest-paid Hollywood actor in the world, putting together all his apprenticeships in TV series, films and television programs, which have made Dwayne Johnson one of the most requested, loved and known figures of the whole globe.

However, no one forgets where The Rock comes from, that is, from those WWE rings that have seen him grow, both inside and outside the McMahon square, with The Rock that during his career has in fact suffered the most disparate injuries, just like all his colleagues on the Stamford company rosters.

The Rock dedicated years to pro wrestling

In the past few hours, The Rock wanted to share with fans all the experiences that led him to an infirmary after a wrestling match, with the possibility of getting hurt again in the WWE rings, which is in fact one of the main reasons why The Rock hasn't fought a "serious" match for McMahon for years.

On his Instagram profile, Rocky, in fact, shared this photo with a caption: "Even though I look like an injured, passed out and drunk buffalo lying face down in the prairies, I can't tell you how grateful I am for these peaceful recovery/recovery moments.

After suffering from 4 knee surgeries Quadriceps ripped from my pelvis Adductor torn from my pelvis Triple hernia surgery Rupture of the Achilles tendon Complete shoulder reconstruction 3 lumbar disc herniation 2 ruptures of the lumbar disc.

This is the daily reminder that we only have one body and we need to take care of it..." After this string of incredible injuries that The Rock's physique has passed through, which still remains a veritable mountain of seemingly unassailable muscles, fans will certainly look at the former fighter differently, should he return to WWE as a part-timer or even just for an in-ring appearance.

The Rock could wrestle again, but he likely doesn’t have many matches left in him. A WrestleMania encounter with Roman Reigns is often teased, but it’s not happening this year. It looks like he is keeping his body in peak condition in the meantime.