Murphy drops interesting tweet after vanishing from WWE TV

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Murphy drops interesting tweet after vanishing from WWE TV

In recent weeks, one of the WWE athletes who has literally disappeared from every floor of the company is Aalyah Mysterio's on-screen boyfriend, Murphy, who with the entire San Diego goblin family had started a long storyline that has but then abruptly interrupted on the Smackdown TV screens, for no specific reason.

After having had a long feud first alongside the Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins, initially as an ally and then as an opponent, the two ended up in Smackdown with the Draft, where they continued to battle with the Mysterio and finally also ended their schedule before the end of 2020.

After Rollins left the scene, for the birth of his daughter at the Survivor Series, Murphy had very little on-screen space, however, with a brief feud that began with King Corbin, which ultimately ended with the entrance.

Dominik and Rey Mysterio and Murphy have disappeared from the shows instead.

Murphy drops an interesting tweet

After sharing several messages on his social pages, in which it seemed that Murphy was also complaining to the management for its lack of use, in the last hours Murphy returned to show up on Twitter, without leaving any kind of comment but posting a quite explicit photo in the company of the Monday Night Messiah, his old ally.

At this point, we don't know if Murphy is suggesting yet another possible match against Rollins, with this photo, or if the athlete is just reminding everyone how close the two wrestlers were before Murphy's exit, but what it is certain, is that Aalyah's boyfriend is suffering enough from this prolonged absence, which seems to never want to end.

With the beginning of a new storyline between Seth Rollins and Cesaro, who seems to want to continue on the screens of the WWE Friday night blue show, there would therefore be no space for Murphy too, in a possible continuation of the feud between the two ex allies of Monday Night Raw.

Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio’s storyline was nixed after getting months as a feature on WWE television. He was once called “The Best Kept Secret,” but now it appears the secret is back to not being spoken about.

The former NXT Tag Team Champion tweeted out to let fans know that he debuted on 205 Live three years ago. His tweet also seemed to indicate that he needs to re-spark his passion for wrestling in 2021.