Big E reveals the big promise John Cena kept to him

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Big E reveals the big promise John Cena kept to him

Friday Night Smackdown Big E superstar is now one of the main wrestlers on the blue roster. The current holder of the Intercontinental Championship is one of the most interesting wrestlers and many are predicting his Main Eventer race for the near future.

During the last episode of WWE's 24 Special, we saw Big E set a bench press record in the gymnasium of WWE legend and great friend John Cena. WWE uploaded a video to its social channels and Cena, before the former New Day made the record, promised him that the video (in case of good result) would be published in his documentary, the one focused in that case on the fantastic Wrestlemania 28 match between John Cena and The Rock, a challenge between two of the greatest legends in the recent history of Sports Entertainment.

For Big E it was a great opportunity as the wrestler immediately understood that his participation in the video would guarantee him great visibility.

John Cena and Big E are very close in real life

During their WWE adventure, the two wrestlers had a great relationship with John Cena and Big E who were training partners and traveled together.

From the very beginning, the leader of the Chain Gang realized the value of Big E and understood that he could be a potential star. In the course of a recent interview The Unicorn said: "From John Cena, I learned the importance of timing and moment.

There are things that you can let go of and others that you must not let go of for any reason. When you're out there, in front of the crowd, you have to do something to make the occasion special and make sure you go from being a normal guy to being someone important."

Several times in recent interviews, Cena has incensed the numbers of Big E, which even in the eyes of the WWE Universe, appears increasingly ready for a race for the title of world champion. John Cena and Big E were workout partners back when the two Superstars were traveling with WWE on a regular basis.

The duo became good friends, and it didn't take long for Cena to realize that the current IC Champion had the potential to make it big in WWE. Big E opened up on the advice John Cena gave him in the past. Big E is currently the Intercontinental Champion and has been excelling on SmackDown as a singles star. There are many fans who believe that he will get to have a main event run in the future.