WWE Referee reveals possible meaning behind The Undertaker's comments

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WWE Referee reveals possible meaning behind The Undertaker's comments

In recent weeks, the words of The Undertaker, who had called today's WWE product a bit too soft, have been much discussed. The Deadman announced his final retirement from last year's Survivor Series, ending one of the most iconic careers in the history of the business.

During his appearance in the latest edition of 'Wrestling INC Daily Podcast', former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas expressed his views on the Gravedigger's comments. The former WWE champion may have tried to shake the minds of current superstars, who often tend to rest on their laurels after joining the most important federation in the world.

Jimmy Korderas on The Undertaker

“I don't know if these thoughts will affect his legacy, but I believe he's just trying to turn the light into the hearts of today's superstars. Maybe this is her way of motivating boys.

I have had the opportunity to experience firsthand that sometimes young people are pleased with their position and do not commit to doing more. You have to shake the pot a little in some moments, I don't know if the concept is clear.

It is not only valid for the athletes, but also for the management. I think this is his great goal,” explained Korderas. Jimmy does not rule out that there may have been some changes compared to a few years ago: “I fully respect The Undertaker and his opinion.

I can't compare with him because now I don't work there anymore. There aren't any in the locker room, so I don't see him anymore. I don't know whether or not there have been any changes compared to when I was there "

The 16-time world champion John Cena also expressed himself on the subject: “I have been in WWE for so long that I have been able to observe his evolution up close. Clearly, Attitude Era fans will have a certain nostalgia and turn up their noses for some aspects of wrestling today.

I don't think it's softer, it's just different." A WWE veteran of 22 years, Jimmy Korderas will undoubtedly know a thing or two about how things work in the WWE locker room. However, Korderas made it clear that things may have changed behind the scenes in WWE since he left the company and that this is what The Undertaker could have been referencing. What do you make of Jimmy Korderas' assessment of The Undertaker's comments? Let us know below.