Big Cass looks in incredible shape in new photo

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Big Cass looks in incredible shape in new photo

Over the past three years, WWE has seen many of its fighters apply for release, or even get fired by the same federation for different reasons. If for someone there was a disciplinary reason to be accountable for, such as the dismissal of Zelina Vega, who continued his collaboration with third parties, on various social networks and sites outside the WWE, that the federation and the Chairman had strictly forbidden, several other wrestlers would have instead requested to leave to find luck elsewhere.

In the great cauldron of names released for one reason or another, we also find the former couple of NXT and then of the main roster, formed by Big Cass and Enzo Amore, with the two who, although did come out at different times from the WWE televisions, for several months now, however, has no longer been part of the Stamford-based federation rosters and for the moment they will not return, although they have several supporters within the management.

After having remained stationary for several months, first due to some personal problems and then due to the global pandemic, Big Cass, which now goes by the almost unpronounceable stage name in our language, CaZ XL, has returned to tread a ring of an independent American pro-wrestling company, on Saturday evening.

Big Cass hasn't wrestled a match since late 2019

For the occasion, CaZ XL, in truly dazzling form, joined the Puerto Rican and Mexican wrestler, Shawn Hernandez, already seen in TNA and Lucha Underground, in a couple match.

After several months of hiatus, the former Big Cass seems to have returned to a truly optimal physical form, which even in the last period in WWE he had not shown anymore, with several fans who also stood up at the entrance of the athlete.

You can see a video of Cass entering the scene with lots of applause and shouts from the audience (obviously with masks), below: For this important appearance, Caz also wanted to put on sale a new t-shirt, the proceeds of which will be totally donated to The Herren Project.

The last time wrestling fans saw Big Cass, he was in the middle of a challenging period in his life. The former WWE Superstar had a breakdown at a WrestlePro event in New Jersey, as he reportedly got into a backstage confrontation with producers Pat Buck and Joey Janela.

When police were called to escort Cass from the building, he eventually left in an ambulance instead. He was taken to the hospital and hasn't been involved in professional wrestling since this controversy. His former partner Enzo Amore went on record in 2020 and stated Cass was getting help for his struggles with depression and addiction. After they endured a falling out, the former tag team partners seem like they're friends again.