Latest news on Drew McIntyre's WWE status

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Latest news on Drew McIntyre's WWE status

As has been the case for years now, WWE always tries to maintain control over the wrestlers' intellectual property by filing registered trademarks. The same thing happened recently with former champion Drew McIntyre, who apparently could adopt a new nickname in that of Raw.

As reported by the Heel by Nature website, WWE registered the "Scottish Warrior" trademark on 24 February. It is not the first time that Vince has decided to emphasize his nationality. In an episode of the red November show, in fact, Drew had made an entrance in the style of a true Scottish warrior, complete with a kilt and sword.

The latter even came from the private collection of Vince McMahon himself, who insisted on having it brought to the stage. The entry was particularly popular with fans on social media.

Update on Drew McIntyre's future

After his shocking defeat at Elimination Chamber, Drew McIntyre will make his long-awaited return to Raw tonight and will surely have a lot to say.

An episode that promises sparks as the new WWE Champion, The Miz, will have to defend the title from the assault of a more aggressive Bobby Lashley than ever. Returning to the trademark discourse, recently the daughter of the late Eddie Guerrero revealed how the WWE holds the rights to the image of the father and that is why it can also use it for merchandising purposes, without any kind of problem.

And how can we not forget the surname Rhodes, the subject of a legal dispute between the Stamford-based Company and the son of the American Dream? In the end, however, it was Cody, who went back to using his surname in AEW.

On the other hand, the discourse of the brands linked to the WCW PPVs is different. Some were taken by Tony Khan, while others, like the one from Halloween Havoc and War Games, were taken by Triple H who used them for NXT shows.

Drew McIntyre speaks from experience when he tells Lashley to keep an eye out for his friends. Drew McIntyre himself is currently embroiled in a feud with his former best friend, Sheamus. The two put on a superb match to kick off tonight's episode of Monday Night RAW.

The Scottish Warrior emerged victoriously but did not come out of the match without some bruises. Both men left it all in the ring, but the feud is far from over. Do you think Sheamus will continue to be a thorn in Drew McIntyre's side? Is their friendship irreparable? Share your thoughts with us down below.