*Spoiler* Bobby Lashley wins WWE Championship

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*Spoiler* Bobby Lashley wins WWE Championship

The latest episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired in the night, will surely be remembered for a long time by fans of the WWE Universe, at least the main event of that episode of the WWE red show. In fact, the WWE Champion in charge, The Miz and his challenger to the title, Bobby Lashley, who last week managed to get a title match for the episode of tonight, after helping The Miz to defeat Drew McIntyre following the Elimination Chamber match of the homonymous PPV, from which the Scotsman had emerged victorious but very tired.

On Monday's episode, therefore, came the showdown, after The Miz had tried in every way to avoid the challenge with Lashley, absolutely not within Miz's reach in terms of in-ring strength and power.

Bobby Lashley wins the WWE Championship on RAW

During the start of the third hour of the show, the first match valid for the WWE title of the evening was staged, but it soon ended with the victory of Bobby Lashley by count-out, as the reigning champion had it.

given to legs, being counted out of the ring by the referee. If The Miz thought he could escape his titled match like this, he was very wrong. Shortly after his departure, Shane McMahon called a Lumberjack match valid once again for the title as the main event of the evening, from which Miz obviously could not escape, being the ring surrounded by the entire roster of the red show.

Despite the vain attempts of The Miz to be disqualified, hitting Lashley with his belt, in the end, it was the All Mighty who prevailed, with a devastating Spinebuster and then with his Hurt Lock, made the champion surrender in office, becoming WWE Champion for the first time in his career.

The situation for Wrestlemania is now even more convoluted. Who will face Bobby Lashley now in the Showcase of the Immortals? The Miz? Drew McIntyre? Both of them? But above all, will Bobby Lashley make it to Wrestlemania 37 as a champion? We await the next episode to get more news on the situation.

With most of the RAW roster surrounding the ring, there was no way The Miz could have escaped. In a matter of minutes, Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock on The A-Lister, with the latter tapping out instantly. The Almighty celebrated his win by putting his one leg on top of The Miz's chest, closing the show on a dominant note.

It didn't matter that Lashley is a heel, as everyone wanted him to become the WWE Champion. In a way, he was the de-facto face in the match, as The Miz is the most despicable heel on RAW.