Bobby Lashley wants to beat Riddle and become double champion

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Bobby Lashley wants to beat Riddle and become double champion

At Elimination Chamber, Riddle started his WWE story in the best possible way and defeated Bobby Lashley to take the United States title. On that evening The All Mighty was still the protagonist, attacking the now ex WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and becoming the main reason for The Miz's WWE Championship victory.

In the next edition of Monday Night Raw Bobby Lashley will challenge The Miz in the Main Event, in a match valid for the WWE Championship, but not only since the wrestler has made it clear to the media that he is even aiming to win a double title.

Bobby Lashley in WWE over the last year

While speaking to the media ahead of the red show, the Hurt Business member made the following statements: "That would be great. I think about winning the WWE Champion title and then going back and taking revenge on Riddle as well, thus taking the US title.

That would be great. Currently, I have focused all my attention on The Miz, I only think about that since I had that match but in retrospect, I have to say, we have to sit down at The Hurt Business table, and decide if we want that title too.

At this moment, however, I think we are ready for the WWE Champion title, we are ready even if we try to take everything." Bobby Lashley spoke on ViBe & Wrestling's microphones recently and talked about all of his ambitions.

In addition to these upcoming challenges Lashley also talked about a hypothetical challenge, a big event at Wrestlemania 37 against the eventual returning Brock Lesnar. In this regard, the wrestler stressed that he would like to face such a challenge but at the same time, he is aware that before Brock Lesnar there are several wrestlers ahead and The Beast Incarnate must line up and wait for such a fight: "Drew McIntyre defeated Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 37, so he's the man to beat right now.

I helped The Miz snatch his belt, but Drew is still the strongest at this stage, so the focus should be on him." Bobby Lashley also had a shot at the WWE Championship at Backlash last year, where he faced Drew McIntyre for the title, but was unsuccessful in winning it.

The All-Mighty won the US title later in the year, defeating Apollo Crews, to win it for the second time in his WWE career. Bobby Lashley has had a strong year, which has seen him and the rest of The Hurt Business dominate RAW.