Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus RAW match receives heavy criticism

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Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus RAW match receives heavy criticism

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, there were several surprises and twists and very interesting matches. One of these was certainly the one between former WWE champion Drew McIntyre and his now ex-friend Sheamus. The two, both British, have a history of great friends together and in recent weeks, however, have come to clash.

After waiting, verbal and physical clashes, what we saw tonight on the red show could be the epilogue (or not?) Of their feud with The Scottish Psychopath which got the better of it by winning a single match against Sheamus.

Through social media, we noticed how the WWE Universe appreciated this match, satisfied by the fight in the ring between the two giants. However, not everyone is of the same opinion and former WWE creative team member Vince Russo is one of those who did not like this challenge.

Vince Russo felt Drew McIntyre and Sheamus' RAW match went too long

During the last edition of Sportkeeda Wrestling's Legion of Raw where Russo is the protagonist together with Dr. Chris Featherstone, Russo noticed some details and defects of this fight on Raw.

Here are his words: "I start by saying that I am a huge fan of Drew McIntyre. He has been on my show and already at that time I had a very good relationship with him, even his brother knows and esteems me. I like everything about Drew McIntyre, but tonight I have to be honest.

Of course, I am aware that wrestling is a built thing, Chris, we are all aware of that, but Sheamus and Drew McIntyre have exchanged women's wrestling punches. Guys, are we serious? They looked like a rabbit's punches, which really pisses me off because it makes it clear to everyone that wrestling is a fake thing.

We are talking about two giants and they can certainly come into contact without getting injured, guys let's be serious, they had to realize it immediately." Furthermore, Russo criticized WWE's choice to make this match last even 20 minutes.

The former WWE member reasoned that everyone knew Drew McIntyre was going to win and it was really pointless to make this fight last all this time. Bobby Lashley and The Miz were scheduled to square off for the WWE Title in the main attraction.

Although Miz attempted to worm his way out of the fight, he couldn't escape Lashley forever, and The All Mighty was able to capture the first WWE title of his career. Given that Drew McIntyre is expected by many to feature in RAW's WrestleMania main event, there's a very strong chance we'll be seeing Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship at The Show of Shows.

However, if some rumors are to be believed, Brock Lesnar could be making a surprise entry into the match to create a triple threat.