WWE building up top superstar for a feud with Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is set to defend the WWE Universal Championship against Edge at WrestleMania 37

by Simone Brugnoli
WWE building up top superstar for a feud with Roman Reigns

Since returning to WWE at full capacity over the course of the last SummerSlam, superstar Roman Reigns has appeared as a totally different character than in the past and has legitimized Friday Night Smackdown with genuine domination over the months.

With the help of his advisor, Mad Genius Paul Heyman and his adept and cousin Jey Uso, the wrestler slowly annihilated anyone who got in his way and it got to the point that WWE had no real credible opponent to put in front of the WWE Tribal Chief.

This problem was partially solved with Edge: the Rated-R Superstar returned to the Royal Rumble and winning it was awarded the chance to decide who to challenge for the title at Wrestlemania 37. During the last Pay Per View, the Canadian wrestler made it clear to the world that he wants to challenge the WWE Tribal Chief but in the event of Edge's defeat in the show of the Immortals too many are wondering how WWE will behave and who will put in front to the increasingly legendary wrestler.

Can Cesaro finally become a main eventer and feud with Roman Reigns?

During Wrestling Observer Radio, well-known colleague and quite knowledgeable in wrestling Dave Meltzer declared that WWE is considering pushing superstar Cesaro against Roman Reigns in a future feud.

We have seen in recent weeks the Swiss wrestler get important victories against Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler and in general his character is getting more and more acclaim. In the course of his WWE experience Cesaro has never managed to break through as a single superstar and although the Swiss Cyborg is much loved by the WWE Universe, seeing him win the title of Universal Champion right now seems hardly credible.

However, Meltzer reported that a feud with victory over SmackDown's Messiah Seth Rollins could launch Cesaro towards the top of the WWE and the wrestler could thus, in the future, challenge Roman Reigns (eventually) in the Main Event for the title of the blue show.

Cesaro has been with WWE for a long time but has never truly been able to break out as a singles Superstar. While The Swiss Superman has multiple Tag Team Championship reigns under his belt, he has only won one singles Championship throughout his tenure.

A feud and possible win over Seth Rollins could catapult Cesaro into the top card of SmackDown and a program with Roman Reigns would help him establish himself as a main event player.

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