Vince McMahon didn't want to approve Netflix documentary

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Vince McMahon didn't want to approve Netflix documentary

Over the last few years, there have been numerous documentaries made by Netflix about the world of American sports and general entertainment. From Tiger King to Making a Murder, up to The Last Dance, which subtly narrated the career of the great Michael Jordan.

The same treatment will be reserved for Vince McMahon who, apparently, was very doubtful about the success of the project. It was recently revealed by Triple H in an interview: "Initially Vince didn't want to do it.

He doesn't see great narrative potential in his character, instead, Mr. McMahon's is one of the best ever. He believes that the entertainment world is only interested in the WWE stars who perform in the ring every day.

Instead, there is great interest around the figure of him and each chapter of his life represents an incredible story." Everything he did, the difficulties he had to face to build an empire like WWE. Nobody recognizes him the right merits, many judge him thinking that he is the tyrant businessman who created this billionaire reality all for himself thinking about money.

There is much more to tell."

Netflix is releasing a multi-part documentary series about Vince McMahon

That between WWE and Netflix is a collaboration that has been going on for some time, and which has seen the release on the platform of original content such as the funny movie "The Main Event" and the funny series "The Big Show Show", starring the 'now a former star of the Paul Wight Company.

We also remind you how Netflix is working on a film dedicated to Hulk Hogan, which will be played by Marvel star Chris Hemsworth. The biopic will explore the golden moments of Hulkamania and the boom of the then World Wrestling Federation in the 1980s.

And it is rumored that even "Stone Cold" Steve Austin could become the protagonist of a documentary on Netflix. In short, the world of wrestling seems to have piqued the attention of the well-known streaming platform.

Bobby Lashley is the trending name in pro wrestling right now, and rightfully so. Almighty won his first WWE Championship on RAW against The Miz, and the reactions to the victory have been heartwarmingly positive. Bobby Lashley sat down with Ryan Satin for the latest Fox Sports 1-on-1 interview, and the new WWE Champion revealed Vince McMahon's backstage reaction to the WWE Championship win on RAW.

Vince McMahon grabbed Lashley first thing backstage and gave him a big hug. The WWE boss told Lashley that he was proud of the superstar, and it was a backstage moment that the 44-year veteran will surely never forget.