Samoa Joe opens up about status of WWE return

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Samoa Joe opens up about status of WWE return

Samoa Joe hasn't fought for a year now due to an unfortunate emotion reported while filming a commercial for WWE. In any case, the former United States Champion remained an active personality on the screens, being added to the commentary table of Monday Night Raw.

A new role that has earned him the approval of fans and insiders. Many people wonder if Joe can return to perform in the ring sooner or later and the answer was provided by him, on the occasion of a recent interview with Uproxx microphones: "We have learned a lot at a medical level about the best treatments for concussions.

and that is why we are taking the surest and safest approach to my return to the ring. WWE medical staff have been fantastic and have helped me tremendously. Obviously many things have changed and have been postponed due to the pandemic and the impossibility of having medical checks in other places, but for the moment that's okay.

I prefer to take my time and not risk running into more serious problems. WWE had to convince me to stay put, but after seeing what the medical staff did for me, I agree with their decision."

Samoa Joe hasn’t wrestled in well over a year

Samoa Joe then added: "The protocols around the concussions have changed a lot over the last 10 years.

It is something that unites all the sporting worlds and we try to find the best possible solution. We must also think about technology and science, very important aspects that are involved in all processes. I learned to understand that I had to start listening to what I was told and honoring the responsibilities I had towards people, both from a professional and personal point of view."

On Joe's return to the ring, he had also expressed himself in the past as MVP, very confident that he can fight again. In addition, many would like to see the former champion in the main roster title scene, with the hope of winning the WWE maximum belt at least once in his career.

Samoa Joe found a home on the WWE RAW commentary which kept him on television. Fans are really enjoying his skills on the announce desk, but his talents are really missed in the ring as well. Samoa Joe will very likely wrestle again, but it’s not going to be the kind of thing that they rush at all.

Samoa Joe won the NXT Title in quick order, and he gained a ton of attention in the process. His WWE main roster call-up was not met with the same success on the top of the card. UPROXX recently spoke with Samoa Joe where he admitted that winning a top title in WWE is a piece he wants to secure his legacy. He hasn’t been given that opportunity yet, but it is something he is working on.