Why WWE teased World Title match throughout entire episode of Raw

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Why WWE teased World Title match throughout entire episode of Raw

On the latest Monday Night Raw episode, Bobby Lashley defeated reigning WWE Champion The Miz after just over a week in a Lumberjack match that allowed the federation's All Mighty to become for the first time in his career WWE Champion, a title he never held.

After the last episode of WWE's flagship show, it was now clear how the Awesome One had its back to the wall, after the indispensable help of Lashley's attack on the previous champion, Drew McIntyre, to cash in the suitcase of the Money in the Bank, right at The Miz.

In last week's episode, in fact, Adam Pearce had decided to give the titled opportunity to Lashley, immediately after learning that there was a verbal agreement between Miz and Lashley, which had in fact led Miz to be able to successfully cash out.

his briefcase in the Elimination Chamber.

Bobby Lashley won the WWE Title this week on RAW

As you may have seen in tonight's episode of Raw, the titled match was first scheduled for the first hour of the show, then it was instead moved to the second hour, where the contest ended for a count-out of Miz and in the end, it went.

still staged in the main event, where Lashley finally came out victorious, with the belt at his hips for the first time in his career. But all this, why? To answer this question, the usual Wrestling Observer thought about it as always, with journalist Dave Meltzer, who in fact stated: "We'll see the ratings tomorrow.

All these segments being played over and over again, you know, in their minds they did all of that. They thought that keeping the fans on their toes would boost ratings, because - initially they were waiting for the world title match for the first hour, ah but they didn't.

Then second hour, you will have the title match, oops no, they didn't have it there either. Nice strategy, we'll see tomorrow if it worked." According to the well-known Observer journalist, then, the WWE plan was a plan designed to bring more fans to follow the entire episode, pending the outcome of the titled match, which many were already sure that only Bobby Lashley could win.

We will see tomorrow, if this choice will really have rewarded the WWE or if instead the fans will have dedicated themselves to something else during the three hours of Monday Night Raw. WWE teased a World Title match throughout the entire three-hour broadcast, but fans did get the match with about ten minutes left to go.

This was a tactic to stretch the angle for three hours, but we’ll have to see if fans stuck with it. Bobby Lashley lavished praise on his fellow Hurt Business member MVP. He said that MVP was a "driving force" backstage ahead of his run to win the title.

Lashley said that MVP pushed him and gave him useful tips to better his in-ring skills. He noted that MVP has been an excellent sounding board and motivator for him in WWE.