Charlotte Flair on storyline with Andrade that she suggested to WWE

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Charlotte Flair on storyline with Andrade that she suggested to WWE
Charlotte Flair on storyline with Andrade that she suggested to WWE

The one between Charlotte Flair and Andrade was just the latest in a large list of WWE weddings in recent years. There was a lot of talk about bringing the relationship between the couple also in a storyline key on the screens, to elevate the Mexican in the scene of the Raw main event, but the plans never materialized.

The opposite happened with Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, whose relationship was brought "on-screen" and then shelved. Apparently, it was the Nature Boy's daughter who proposed this scenario to the Company, but the idea was rejected in the bud.

She recently told TV Insider: "I was the one who proposed a storyline between the two of us. I would be very willing to do it. In my career, I have done everything, but no one has ever seen me involved in a relationship on the screens.

I can often appear with a very cold temper on TV."

Charlotte Flair and Andrade's relationship and potential on-screen partnership

The Nature Boy's daughter was recently embroiled in a controversial triangle with her father and Lacey Evans, which was canceled following the announcement of the latter's pregnancy.

Charlotte Flair was then able to return to the limelight in the main event area of ​​Raw's women's division and during the last episode, she made her intentions for WrestleMania very clear, challenging the current champion, Asuka.

If the match were to be made official in the coming weeks, Charlotte would have the chance to win yet another title of her, with all due respect to her detractors. Still nothing certain, however, on the situation of comrade Andrade, now out of the scene since October.

The stable she was a part of has finally dissolved and the WWE has not even considered him for an entry to the Rumble. A quite bizarre scenario, considering how the Mexican fighter has great potential and had been praised by many within the Company, including Ric Flair who had called him exceptional and with a bright future ahead of him.

A report in December 2020 revealed that there were discussions by WWE to pair Andrade and Charlotte Flair together on-screen in WWE. Here's what the report stated: "An idea that’s been discussed however not determined at this point is an on-screen pairing of Charlotte & Andrade when they return to TV.

The idea behind it is to use Charlotte’s star power to elevate Andrade into the main event scene." Andrade hasn't been on WWE television since October, with his last match coming against Angel Garza on RAW. The former NXT Champion teased a return earlier this year when he stated on Twitter that he'd want to be in Charlotte Flair's corner when The Queen was feuding with Lacey Evans and Charlotte's father, Ric Flair.

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