Asuka possibly out with a concussion

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Asuka possibly out with a concussion

On Monday night, as usual, WWE broadcast its usual weekly episode of Monday Night Raw, with an unusual absence within the programming, which had never been seen in the last period. One of the athletes on the McMahon red roster who was in fact most used by the WWE in a period of the pandemic, from the beginning of 2020 to now, is the Japanese champion of Monday Night Raw, Asuka, with the bad injury suffered by the athlete in the episode of a week ago, which forced her to stay home this week, with a lot of problems, after taking a bad kick in the face by Shayna Baszler in their tag team match.

Apparently, that of the tooth could be the lesser evil for the Japanese absolute champion of the WWE red roster, as Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, has in fact suggested in the last few hours the possibility that the Raw champion has also suffered a concussion as well as the loss of a tooth last week.

Asuka did not appear on WWE RAW this week

In one of the latest Observer updates, Meltzer stated: "She probably has a concussion, too. I'm relatively sure she has a concussion because when no one says anything, it usually means this."

Despite Asuka's absence from Monday night's episode, Charlotte Flair still wanted to stage a promo in which she started a feud. with the Japanese, in view of a possible match at Wrestlemania 37, where the daughter of the Nature Boy will once again try to attack the women's world title on the red roster.

This initiative also seems to have sent on a rampage even the mother of one of Charlotte's colleagues, Peyton Royce, with the lady who expressed all her anger with a tweet addressed to the Queen of the Stamford-based company, who did a lot of talk in the last few hours.

According to PW Insider, Asuka was checked out after she got backstage, and at this time there is no real update about her injury status. It was noted on RAW Talk that she broke a tooth. Asuka was checked by WWE medical after returning backstage.

We have not been able to confirm yet whether she was diagnosed with an injury. Nia Jax had an arm submission on Asuka at the time, and it gave her no ability to block Baszler’s kick. It was a brutal shot, and 100% legit.

Asuka was keeping her mouth covered after she took that shot to the face. She knew something was wrong, and we will have to see if her smile is a little different next week because of it.