Mustafa Ali on what botched finish was supposed to be

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Mustafa Ali on what botched finish was supposed to be

In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw that aired on USA Network on the night between Monday and Tuesday, WWE also staged a match between Retribution leader Mustafa Ali and reigning US champion Riddle. In the contest that strangely won Ali, showing his stable how to win a match, after having witnessed the defeat of each of them on several occasions in the Raw rings in recent weeks, the former 205 Live athlete has however committed a gross mistake in the closing maneuver of the match, with a Backstabber from the third-string which however became an unspecified maneuver, which initially frightened the fans connected from home and also already insiders, who did not expect certainly the one that ultimately went on stage in the Raw rings.

Mustafa Ali and Matt Riddle battled on WWE RAW

In his last post on his official Twitter page, the Retribution leader wanted to respond to a fan who said he was happy that both he and Riddle hadn't come out injured or in pain from the botched move on Raw, with the fan in question asking: "I'm glad you both are okay.

What move should the closure be?" To which Mustafa Ali replied: "A backstabber. Things obviously got scary, but with the adjustments that were made at the last second, we are all fine. We'll fight one more day”.

Fortunately for Mustafa Ali and Riddle, everything went smoothly, despite the blunder that can always happen in an entertainment sport like pro-wrestling. In the course of WWE history, in fact, for much less, several athletes have been seriously injured, coming to fracture some bones of the body or to suffer the most unthinkable injuries, only for having put a foot badly for a second or for having landed in the wrong way in the ring, but luckily, this time nothing went wrong.

Mustafa Ali is driven to do big things in pro wrestling, and he’s going to keep at it until someone makes him stop. This can also include fighting through an injury. One fan recently asked the leader of Retribution about the most frustrating thing he’s had to overcome, and how he adapted to it.

Ali revealed that he is currently wrestling through a partial PCL tear, and that knee issue is not fun at all. "it’s right now actually. wrestling with a torn PCL is incredibly frustrating." Mustafa Ali is still giving 100%.

He obviously doesn’t want to aggravate his injury and make it worse, but it’s not going to keep him out of action if he can help it. Hopefully, he’s able to get things taken care of without missing any time in the ring.