Bobby Lashley reveals what he demanded from WWE before his return

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Bobby Lashley reveals what he demanded from WWE before his return

The last episode of Monday Night Raw saw in the Main Event a very important change in the dynamics of the red show and in view of the next WWE events, the Pay per View of Fastlane and above all Wrestlemania 37, show of the year for the company of Vince McMahon and highly anticipated throughout the WWE Universe.

Hurt Business member Bobby Lashley, after a long wait, finally took the title of WWE Champion, beating in the Main Event of the red show, the now-former champion The Miz. Lashley returned to the company in 2018 and told some details during an interview.

Bobby Lashley on MVP's influence on his career

Bobby Lashley returned to WWE in 2018 after wrestling in various pro wrestling promotions around the world. He even competed in a few MMA fights before re-signing in 2018.

Speaking to Fox Sports Bobby Lashley made it clear what WWE asked him when the company made it clear to him to return to the company. Here are the words related to him by the company of Vince McMahon: "You have to run the show and you have a lot of things to deal with.

You have to put up some of the best challenges and you have to do things that many others don't. But before I came back I made it clear to him, 'I'll be back to win the WWE Champion title and I won't stop until I have it.'

Then I want to build a legacy on that title. I want the era of Bobby Lashley to be remembered and I want to leave a legacy." Bobby Lashley also revealed what Vince McMahon told him in the post evening after he won the WWE Champion title.

Here are his words: "Vince grabbed me and hugged me for a while, then he said 'Man, I'm proud of you.' " The WWE Champion said this success is one of the greatest of his career and he will probably remember it forever.

During the interview, Lashley also had nice words for his partner at the Hurt Business MVP, a colleague who helped him a lot to achieve this success. Bobby Lashley lavished praise on his fellow Hurt Business member MVP. He said that MVP was a "driving force" backstage ahead of his run to win the title.

Lashley said that MVP pushed him and gave him useful tips to better his in-ring skills. He noted that MVP has been an excellent sounding board and motivator for him in WWE.