Sonya Deville Her New WWE Role

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Sonya Deville Her New WWE Role

Sonya Deville used to be a full-time WWE wrestler, and she recently spoke about her new WWE role. Sonya was actually a very famous superstar as she was part of a famous tag team. She recently became WWE Official Adam Pearce’s assistant.

She has a very authoritative position now. Deville spoke about her new role on WWE The Bump. She is excited about her new role it seems as she would like to help other talents now.

Sonya Deville on Her New WWE Role and Possible Return to The Ring

“I think what’s so cool about my new position is that I was a wrestler for the last four and a half years.

So, I know how the locker room feels,” Sonya Deville replied. “Hopefully, I can use that to make some changes and to make everything better -better matchups, more TV time for people that might not typically get the opportunity.

“Like I said before, I want to see new tag teams step up in the men’s division. There’s just a lot of things that I feel like I see from a different perspective because I did wrestle the past four years”.

She also stated that she wants to remain unbiased in all of her decisions, even though people might be inclined to believe that she will favor female superstars more. “I am me regardless of where I am in the company; whether I’m wrestling or I’m in the role that I am in,” she noted.

“So, I’m just going to be me. I’m not going to change who I am because of my newfound power. I want to be fair, and I want everyone to get fair opportunities. That’s something I’ve always stood for and have always been passionate about.

Yeah, I’m going to be as straight down the center as I can and give everyone that deserves an opportunity”. Even though her fans probably like to see her in her new role, many of her fans still want to see her perform in the ring.

On the Bump, she made it clear that she does not know when she will return to the ring, or whether she will ever step into the ring again. “I don’t know right now,” she answered. “I like rocking my three-piece suits and calling the shots.

Being in charge is something that comes naturally to me, and I like this new role. But you know, I’m Sonya Deville, and I’m a fighter at the end of the day. Obviously, I love to get down and dirty, and I like to kick ass. I’m sure everything will come full circle eventually”.