Randy Orton blasts Soulja Boy in foul-mouthed Twitter row

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Randy Orton blasts Soulja Boy in foul-mouthed Twitter row
Randy Orton blasts Soulja Boy in foul-mouthed Twitter row

The American rapper Soulja Boy, who became famous in 2007 with the single Crank That, has caused a real uproar on social media by stating that the world of rap is more false than WWE. This Statement obviously attracted the ire of fans and insiders.

Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco threatened him with ending up in a hospital bed and Retribution member T-Bar strongly urged him to stay in his place. The h*ttest reaction, on the other hand, came from 14-time world champion Randy Orton.

Between the latter and the rapper, a real social question and answer came out, of which we report some salient extracts. "False? I invite this head of *** to come forward if he has the courage. Don't like movies? Consider us actors who perform stunts, unprotected, for 200 days a year and we don't complain when we end up in the hospital and then immediately go back to the ring.

Consider us 100 times harder than any person you've ever met, you ugly***. " "Bad Bunny would kick you in the ass at any moment because he saw our world, he understood it. He has great respect for what we do and feels lucky to be in this position.

He puts down that chain of the *** and comes forward if you have the courage."

More rappers joining Randy Orton in WWE in 2021?

Randy Orton went one step further by daring Soulja Boy to step up and fight in WWE. The 14-time World Champion praised another rapper, Bad Bunny, for showing respect to the business since he began appearing in WWE in January 2021.

The rapper's response was not long in coming, who wrote: "Do you know who the*** are you talking to? I will bring reality into the world of wrestling. Don't play with me, Randy Orton. " Obviously the insults continued indefinitely and fans clamored for Orton to hit the rapper with an RKO.

We'll see if this bickering will be used by WWE in a storyline key or if they will let it go as if nothing had happened. It is not the first time that personalities outside the world of wrestling have decided to fail to respect this sport-entertainment.

Elon Musk was also no exception and Triple H even challenged him to a match at WrestleMania on Mars. Bad Bunny recently became the holder of a WWE title – the 24/7 Championship – on WWE RAW. The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer is reporting that Bad Bunny could join forces with Damian Priest to face The Miz and John Morrison at WrestleMania 37.

Another rapper, Bow Wow, announced in February that he has decided to train with WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi to prepare for WWE.

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