Vince McMahon had a big falling-out with a former champion

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Vince McMahon had a big falling-out with a former champion

Over the course of WWE history, several Superstars have come at loggerheads with Federation Chairman, Vince McMahon; some for salary issues, some for booking choices and some because they simply didn't get along with McMahon and his ways of doing things.

In his career spanning over 50 years, Vince McMahon has quarreled with practically almost anyone, coming to do things that are also quite uncomfortable, such as the Srewjob in Montreal, with which he had to snatch the title of world champion of the then WWF, from his hands.

by Bret Hart, to safeguard his company from abandoning the title of the Canadian, who was about to land in the ring of the enemy WCW. Apparently, another historic WWF wrestler, who has seen very little in the world of pro-wrestling that matters since his firing, would also have had a big squabble with Vince McMahon and since then, the WWE Chairman has literally scored.

his name in the black book of the company. We are talking about the former Intercontinental Champion, Ahmed Johnson.

Vince McMahon had a big falling-out with a former champion

In his latest interview on the UnSkripted podcast, the former WWF and WCW wrestler wanted to tell him about the last words that the WWE patron spoke to him in their last speech, before the massive black wrestler left the company in 1998.

In his last speech, Ahmed said: "Because of the fact that Vince McMahon and I had a fight before we left the company, we had a bad fight, he told me that I would never enter his Hall of Fame, because of that episode.

He really told me. By now we had irrecoverable contract differences and other small things that had led me to leave, but yes, he told me this and I left." After well over 20 years from the event, Vince McMahon is said to have kept his promise to the wrestler whose name is Ahmed Johnson, and who does not figure among the athletes included in the WWE Ark of Glory, from 1993 to today and will probably continue not to be counted among such legends even in the future.

Johnson named Al Snow and explained that the former WWE European Champion helped him immensely in his career. Johnson revealed that Al Snow took him under his wing and familiarized him with many unknown facets of the business.

"Let me see. Probably Al Snow. With Al, we just didn't have a match. Al took me in and taught me a few things, you know. He was kind of an off-the-clock instructor." The latest episode of SK Wrestling's UnSKripted was an all-out shoot interview as Ahmed Johnson minced no words while recollecting various moments and people from his wrestling career.

Johnson didn't have anything favorable to say about a few WWE Hall of Famers, and he also revealed why Vince McMahon removed him from a top faction.