Mustafa Ali reveals he's been wrestling through injury

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Mustafa Ali reveals he's been wrestling through injury

Many times in the course of some WWE ring interventions, some Superstars of the federation continued to work despite some nasty or annoying injuries that gripped them, such as a muscle tear, a black eye or a swollen and bleeding lip or something else.

more serious. In recent years, WWE has increased the protection and safeguarding of its personnel, even more, both inside and outside the ring, with different programs and tests that all athletes and professionals undergo, to ensure that they work in full safety and above all only if they are 100% healthy, especially now in the full pandemic.

In the last period, in fact, before taking part in any tapings of the company, all the insiders must undergo anti-covid swabs, but even before the health emergency due to the world virus, the federation still took into account the health of all employees, first and foremost athletes.

Apparently, in his last Twitter Q&A session, Retribution leader Mustafa Ali shared that he had been struggling with injury. Ali tried to minimize the extent of his pain but just said that he felt frustrated about it.

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Asked by the fan who asked Mustafa Ali precisely what was the greatest moment of frustration he had to endure in the WWE rings, the leader of the stable of chaos said: "It's right now actually.

Struggling with a torn posterior cruciate ligament is frustrating." Apparently, for the moment the athlete's physical situation doesn't seem to be that worrying. Otherwise, the medical staff of the company would have already intervened, giving the immediate stop to Mustafa Ali.

The fact that the athlete still continues to fight despite the possible discomfort and possible pain is perhaps due to the fact that with certain therapies and certain maneuvers, the athlete can still struggle, instead of taking a more or less long period of rest to undergo a possible surgical operation or perhaps follow therapies to heal the leg that is currently a bit shabby.

Mustafa Ali posted a video showing the end of his match with Riddle. That top rope move with Riddle did not go as planned at all. Instead, they crashed hard to the mat. One fan tweeted out saying: “Glad both you guys were OK.

What was that finish supposed to be?” Ali replied to answer this fan and give assurance that we will see him battle Riddle again. Mustafa Ali chasing Matt Riddle’s United States Titles will give him something to do other than yell at Retribution. We’ll have to see what’s next for him, but he has made himself a reliable force on RAW.