WWE selling $1,000 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin title belt

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WWE selling $1,000 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin title belt

WWE is probably the number one company in the world, as well as for the pro-wrestling shows that it manages to set up, also for the ability it has to always create new merchandising items, collectables, PoPs, replica belts and who more has more put.

Over the years, in fact, the Stamford-based federation has made twinnings with the most disparate artists, to create and then put on sale through its official shop, the most unthinkable objects, such as the statuettes of its most legendary wrestlers, sold like h*t cakes despite the exorbitant price, complete with pieces of real ring to attach to the object or real replica belts, the same as those that are staged in the weekly shows.

The last to be produced by WWE was the Universal belt dedicated to the Fiend, which featured his "beautiful" face in the central plaque, which WWE wanted to sell for several thousand dollars a piece. Apparently, to celebrate 25 years since the era of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, WWE has seen fit to create a collector's belt, made up of only 500 exclusive pieces, to be sold on the shop and entirely dedicated to the Rattlesnake of the company, for the modest sum of $ 1000 per belt.

The description of the object says, "Just in time to celebrate 25 years of the Stone Cold era, the WWE Shop is proud to release the title on the legacy of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Limited Edition.

WWE selling $1,000 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin title belt

"Every aspect of this title has been designed to make the entire WWE Universe exclaim 'Oh Hell Yeah' Only 500 individually numbered titles will be produced and each will arrive in a skull-shaped collector's case.

This is truly a piece not to be missed, which will not be available for a long time." We recall how this is only the latest WWE gimmick in the field of merchandising, with many other fellow Rattlesnakes who have already received their own personalized belt, such as The Undertaker, The Fiend or Hulk Hogan.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin has recalled how he and The Rock said “I love you” to each other after their match at WWE WrestleMania XIX. The event, which took place in March 2003, saw The Rock defeat Austin in the penultimate match of the night.

The Texas Rattlesnake knew heading into the match that he was set to retire due to nerve and neck issues. However, WWE fans were not made aware that it was going to be his final match. Speaking on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Austin said The Rock knew he did not want to retire. Following the match, they shared an emotional moment together in front of the crowd in Seattle, Washington.