Charlotte Flair reveals the greatest Superstar in the WWE women’s division

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Charlotte Flair reveals the greatest Superstar in the WWE women’s division

We usually see promos or segments in which WWE Superstars praise themselves, especially if we talk about heel personalities, who then create speeches, dreams and future prospects for their career, only based on their technical skills or their skill.

in the ring. More difficult, however, we see wrestlers who praise colleagues, elevating only one to the best ever, especially if we are talking about current colleagues on the WWE roster and not someone who no longer works with the company and therefore turns out to be a legend of the past.

In her last interview, Charlotte Flair instead wanted to go against the tide, naming one of her most famous colleagues, as the best ever of her time. In the interview released to the microphones of ToppsDigiCast's WinterCon, Flair, the Raw superstar who will most likely go to challenge Asuka for the absolute title of the red show at Wrestlemania 37, wanted to congratulate the Smackdown champion, after having ignited one of the best rivalries of recent years in WWE with her,

Sasha Banks on her rivalry and friendship with Charlotte Flair

She said, "I don't know.

Who is the best ever in the WWE women's division? Well I would say there may be one every year, can they have a new best ever? Now, I'd say Sasha Banks. She is definitely the best ever at the moment. From the appearances to the character, to the work in the matches and in the ring, he definitely paves the way for all the others."

Huge compliments for Sasha Banks, from an athlete who is equally elevated by many professionals and many fans to the best of always, with the daughter of the Nature Boy who can already boast dozens of awards and titles in her palmares, which other colleagues, past, present and future will hardly ever count in theirs.

Despite the recent controversy directed at Charlotte Flair's address by Peyton Royce's mother, the athlete remains one of the symbolic faces of Raw and of the entire WWE, which apparently wants to focus strongly on the Queen of she.

In her recent appearance on "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's Broken Skull Sessions, Sasha Banks said that she is grateful to have come up against The Queen in the past in the WWE ring. "The only thing I was competitive with was me and Charlotte.

Real life. We were real-life friends and then it became a little competitive. I'm like, 'okay, I see your last name' and I'm going to raise it up. I'm going to build my own. I'm so thankful for Charlotte Flair because the first week that I went to FCW, I locked up with her.

And I've never locked up with somebody like the way I locked up with her." Banks said that she felt at that time that she and Charlotte could make "magic", thanks to their fantastic chemistry in the WWE ring.