The Rock says Vince McMahon was a father for him

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The Rock says Vince McMahon was a father for him

When we talk about The Rock we are probably talking about one of the biggest stars in the history of Sports Entertainment and above all the one who will probably be remembered, along with John Cena, as the most important superstar of the WWE in the last twenty years.

Now The Rock is a world star. The Miami superstar owes a lot to the WWE and in particular to the figure of Vince McMahon, the person who launched his career in every sense.

The Rock on Vince McMahon

During a question and answer session with the fans, The Rock wanted to clarify to everyone, by answering a question, how important and decisive the figure of Vince McMahon was for him.

Here are his words: "Vince McMahon was my greatest mentor within a company, a person almost on a par with a father figure. A person doesn't always find the relationship they seek with their boss, but life has meant that our paths have crossed and when we get together it's always a good time where we laugh and have fun together."

Almost always engaged in his own films currently The Rock seems far from the company of Vince McMahon but WWE Universe fans dream of the wrestler's return to the ring and several times recently there has been a talk of a match, perhaps the last of his career, against another member of his Roman Reigns family.

Several times there has been a talk of this possible great match but at the same time various factors, especially working for the almost ex-wrestler, have meant that the situation was postponed. Recently on the sidelines of the presentation of Wrestlemania and in particular of the next three editions of Wrestlemania, the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns spoke like this: "On the occasion of Wrestlemania 39 we will go to Hollywood and I think it makes sense that there is a match between me and The Rock on that occasion."

The Rock hasn’t wrestled for WWE in quite a long time. That likely wouldn’t be the case if insurance issues weren’t a factor. Dwayne Johnson is a very valuable person and tons of people rely on him to stay employed through his various projects.

There is no time for him to get injured. We’ll have to see if McMahon and The Rock end up working on another in-ring program in the future. You can never say never in WWE, especially when it comes to The Rock coming home.