Latest news on Bobby Lashley's WWE status

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Latest news on Bobby Lashley's WWE status

That WWE has decided to bet strong, indeed very strong on Bobby Lashley was already understood well before his victory on The Miz this Monday night on Raw, with a lot of definitive consecration as WWE Champion. The run of the Allmighty in recent months in fact portended something big for him, even if it was not easy to imagine that it would have gone so far.

Yet the impression is that WWE had in mind how to move, in part contradicting the cliché that for years it has not been able to propose a long-term storyline. That of Bobby Lashley, which ended by winning the top Raw belt, actually began ten months ago.

And starting from the most unpredictable point for an aspiring WWE Champion. A year ago, in fact, Bobby Lashley these days was still embroiled in the final phase of his storyline of marriage with Lana and was preparing to play a WrestleMania as an absolute supporting actor, losing a match essentially useless and without any construction against Aleister Black.

Until a certain MVP stood out on his path. MVP had recently returned, as a "surprise return" in the previous Royal Rumble, but it was not the same old glory. The one who everyone remembered as a former United States Champion, also quite anonymous, decided to rebuild a career as a manager, going for the first time to insinuate himself in Lashley's mind in an equally anonymous episode of Raw, where he had just beaten Humberto Carrillo in a No Disqualification match.

And his brief speech, which even we in our report dismissed in a nutshell, would have changed history. How you can read with your eyes (and listen with your ears).

Bobby Lashley became WWE Champion this past week on RAW

Here is what MVP said to Bobby Lashley, placing the first piece in the mosaic that today brought his client to the throne of the world: "That anger you had tonight? Hold it back.

Be angry. Be focused, man. That Full Nelson you did. It was one of the most impressive things I've seen in a long time, really. But let me ask you a question. What are you doing fighting Humberto Carrillo? When do even people from SmackDown fight for the WWE Championship? Was it the last time you got to fight for the WWE Championship? Do you remember it? You don't even remember it.

I tell you, it was 2007. Do you know what else happened in 2007? MVP started working here. It's been 13 years now, I'm back but where are you? Exactly the same place, stuck inside your head. When will Lashley allow Lashley to come out? But it's just a rhetorical question, don't answer me now. I have to prepare myself for my match. Just one thing, think about it."