Booker T on WWE Champion Bobby Lashley

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Booker T on WWE Champion Bobby Lashley

In a recent interview, new WWE Champion Bobby Lashley revealed what Booker T told him before a pre-show. The two have an excellent relationship, but in the company they had a fight with each other in 2006, here are the words of The All Mighty on Fox Sports microphones: "Booker T came, we met once in one of the pre-shows and he told me clearly 'Dude, you should be a Main Eventer.

I don't know what you're doing right now but I don't understand why Bobby Lashley doesn't have to be in the Wrestlemania Main Event.

Booker T on WWE Champion Bobby Lashley

"When he told me that, it really meant a lot to me because I have so much respect for Booker T.

I have so much respect for the likes of JBL and Booker T and when I heard really good words for me, they made me realize that I must not stop having fun." In the course of the interview the WWE Champion made it clear that several wrestlers have said to him.

to break out of the box and do something more to create attention. Last year Bobby Lashley understood this and tried to be a better Heel. During an interview with Fox Sports, Bobby Lashley also clarified what he asked WWE before returning to the company.

Here are his words: "They told me I had to keep the show going and I had a lot of things to deal with. I had to put up some big challenges and I made it clear to them 'I'm going back to win the WWE Champion title and I won't stop until I have it.

Then with that title, I want to build a legacy and I want it to be remembered as the Bobby Lashley era." The rebirth of Bobby Lashley probably coincided with his arrival at Hurt Business, a very important stable on Monday Night Raw and starring the WWE Champion and his friend MVP.

Bobby Lashley revealed the advice he gave to Apollo Crews and how he reassured Crews about his WWE future. "A cool thing about Apollo, before I even came back, Apollo hit me up. I didn't even know Apollo - he gave me a DM and he was like, 'Hey man, I've got a couple of questions to ask you.

Did you ever get frustrated when you were here?' And I was like, 'Man, I said listen, bro, you're talking to a man who's not in and that wants to get in. So you're in the greatest place you can be right now.

And you're an amazing talent and that's something that cannot be denied," said Bobby Lashley. He told Crews that he has the talent and that everyone in WWE respects him, so he should 'stick in there.' "