Why Dolph Ziggler was never given proper pushes in WWE

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Why Dolph Ziggler was never given proper pushes in WWE

Among the many talents signed with the WWE, there are several who have never managed to reach the so-called "roof of the world" and that is to win a world title, becoming a full-fledged main eventer of the company, thus building one status as a future legend, as the various Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins and a few others are currently doing.

Despite having a couple of world titles under his belt, even Dolph Ziggler seems to be part of that string of athletes who have never finished their leap in quality, going from being a "simple" mid-carder to instead be a main eventer in all respects, with a career among the big names of the now insured company.

After having played in the main event for some moments, Dolph has in fact plunged back into a fairly anonymous phase of his career, briefly interrupted by some reign as a champion tag team or secondary of the Stamford company, as now, alongside Robert Roode.

The latest news on Dolph Ziggler

In his latest interview, well-known WWE referee Mike Chioda, released during the wave of layoffs last year, with which WWE killed hundreds of employees for pandemic problems, even going so far as to release some office employees of Stamford, tried to explain why Dolph Ziggler never ended up in WWE Olympus.

Speaking to WrestleZone, Chioda said: "I think he is having some kind of push only now, but there have been several years where he has shown so much talent that both I and the other athletes have seen and that despite the potential, he doesn't have it done, however.

He simply does not fit into the political framework that the company has from a certain level onwards. They just leave certain things to Dolph and don't move from there. It's difficult." According to Mike Chioda, therefore, Dolph Ziggler according to the management of the Stamford company would not be "main event material", or as the Authority would like to say, he would simply be a "B + player" athlete.

WWE was able to bring fan back to events on a virtual basis with the ThunderDome. This is a great way to fill the void, but it is nothing close to having real live fans. Dolph Ziggler said if he could get 50 fans in the ThunderDome, it would be mind-blowing.

“This ThunderDome thing has changed the way we do business with no fans for now. Of course, we’re dying to get fans! If we had 50 fans out there, I think I would be so ecstatic, it would blow my mind”. WrestleMania will feature live fans, but that is the first WWE event that will have live fans as of this writing.

We’ll have to see what happens with the pandemic conditions that control the situation, but WWE can’t wait to have live fans back at every event once again.