WWE planned to burn USA flag on pay-per-view

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WWE planned to burn USA flag on pay-per-view

Throughout the history of WWE, several characters and characters have had the task of playing the role of the anti-patriotic heel, who had to go to fight the sense of patriotism that is very much felt in America, attracting heat and whistles, thus using hatred towards their homeland.

In the course of the various eras, several characters have in fact become very famous for having staged different segments of this type, such as The Iron Sheik, Muhammad Hassan, Rusev and many others. All these athletes, in fact, have grown up as some of the most important heels of the company, precisely for having used this love for the homeland of the Americans, simply going to tease and insult everything that leads the inhabitants of the USA to love their country.

Apparently, throughout the history of the WWE, the management had even in mind to stage a very strong segment, in which an athlete went to burn the national flag, thus constituting a real affront towards the homeland.

WWE planned to burn USA flag on pay-per-view

Apparently, in the now distant 1991, the famous Sgt Slaughter, should have burned a USA flag live on the company's television screens, with Bruce Prichard who, however, wanted to deny the initial rumor that indicated NBC as the place of implementation.

of the angle in his latest speech to his Something to Wrestle With, saying that the angle was instead slated for that year's Royal Rumble. Regarding this story, Vince McMahon's right-hand man in the WWE creative team wanted to say: "Doing it on NBC TV screens is 100% false.

There had been discussions about doing it at Royal Rumble instead, we had never talked about doing it on NBC, in fact there were no plans of any kind for that, in any form. This is just one of those many bitches that people read on the internet and then believe it.

However, there was a lot of discussion about staging such an angle, because it is ultimately legal and the idea came from Jesse Ventura. Seeing people burning the flag in protest is always news and so this could be a big angle to bring the heat to Slaughter.

Obviously, the judgments that came before doing so were decisive and therefore we chose not to follow this path, without thinking about whether it was legal or not, we only thought about whether it was accepted at the public and media level or not.

The only time we really thought about it, however, was that year at the Royal Rumble." There is no truth to WWE wanting to burn an American Flag on NBC, but they wanted to do it on pay-per-view. Either way, it didn’t happen, but it’s interesting to know the lengths they were willing to go in order to generate heat.