Mark Henry calls former WWE Superstar 'a bad human being'

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Mark Henry calls former WWE Superstar 'a bad human being'

After the accusations and in some ways the offenses received by the former superstar Ahmed Johnson, the WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry is not there and raises his voice. 'The human mountain', intervened in the course of an interview with Dr.

Chris Featherstone to the microphones of Sportkeeda, replied to the wrestler who had declared that he did not like wrestlers who 'kiss the asses of others' to go on and in the Johnson case targeted Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown.

Mark Henry stepped in and responded harshly to Busted Open Radio. Here are his words: "I just wanted to defend D'Lo Brown. It was said in that article that D'Lo Brown was dangerous and that he had ended Darren Drozdov's career by never talking to him again.

I talk to Darren often and we always hear each other, the same goes for D'Lo Brown who talks to him often and always keep in touch. I wanted to reiterate this because he is not telling you the truth (referring to Ahmed Johnson) and he is a bad person.

Before you take him down, a future Hall of Famer, before you knock down and embarrass a champion of the genre z think about looking in the mirror. Your credibility is now being targeted and your lies will come out." Mark Henry and Ahmed Johnson were among the mainstays of WWE in the 1990s and Henry himself had repeatedly stated that he did not like Johnson as a person.

Mark Henry has never been a fan of Ahmed Johnson

Currently, Mark Henry would be a full-fledged retired fighter, but in the course of a recent interview, the wrestler stated that he would be inclined to interrupt this retirement for some important match, given that on a physical level, Mark is very well and that his situation the legs finally seems to be back to normal.

In an interview, Mark Henry stated that he would like to challenge Randy Orton and would like to face him in a match in the next six months. We obviously don't know WWE's plans for the federation. Both Mark Henry and Ahmed Johnson were WWE mainstays in the 90s, and the former World Champion has opened up in the past about not liking Johnson.

Mark Henry made his way to WWE in 1996 and soon established himself into one of the most intimidating characters in all of WWE. Judging from his comments, it's clear that Henry wasn't happy one bit about Ahmed Johnson's claims about himself and Brown. What are your thoughts on Mark Henry's comments in response to Johnson? Sound off!