When WWE got angry about 'Leg Slapping' backstage before ban

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When WWE got angry about 'Leg Slapping' backstage before ban

In the last few hours, we have reported on our news board, the news of the alleged ban of the WWE against a practice that the wrestlers of the federation, but also the colleagues of other companies, have been playing for decades in the pro-wrestling rings all over the world.

world, the so-called "Leg Slapping" The practice used by many WWE athletes is to slap yourself on your leg, to accentuate the sound of another maneuver, such as a Superkick, or such a move. Many of the wrestlers currently under contract with the McMahons, in fact, make use of this stratagem, such as the Usos, Adam Cole and Ricochet but also the various Shawn Michaels or Alberto Del Rio, in the past of the company, have made use of this practice.

Apparently, in recent weeks, the company owner Vince McMahon is said to have gone on a rampage after seeing an episode in Smackdown in which an athlete performed the Leg Slapping, literally banning this maneuver.

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As reported in the last few hours by the well-known Wrestling Observer site, through the usual daily Newsletters by Dave Meltzer, we learn that the suspension of Leg Slapping is said to have come like a bolt from the blue in the WWE backstage landscape, with the Chairman who is then said to have been infuriated at a very specific moment of a show, deciding on the spot, to make the move "illegal", banishing it from his rings.

Regarding this almost ridiculous situation, Meltzer stated: "That's what I was told, but I haven't had any official responses from the inside yet. What they told me is that at some point in a Smackdown show, someone used the leg slapping thing and Vince he went mad because it was too obvious."

Although the name of the "indicted" Superstar has not been mentioned, apparently Vince McMahon would have decided as always to cut the bull's head directly, going to ban the move definitively, thus preventing all his athletes from using a practice that together with the bladejob, has been in the wrestling world for twenty years now.

It wasn’t noted who performed that Leg Slapping, but it was enough for Vince McMahon to notice. He got mad about it, and now nobody is allowed to do them anymore. It will be interesting to see if someone slips up and does it out of force of habit, but they’re not supposed to be slapping their legs.

It could result in a fine for that Superstar. It was noted that people like Jey Uso are great workers, but they are now limited. It’s unclear what the final straw was that broke the camel’s back in this situation. Vince McMahon apparently saw one too many leg slaps before sending down word that he doesn’t want to see it again.